Top 5 Floral Hair Clips and How to Choose the Perfect One for You

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Floral hair clips are having a major moment right now. These gorgeous accessories can instantly elevate any hairstyle from boring to fabulous. From dainty little floral pins to big, bold botanical statement pieces, there’s a bloom to suit every taste.

In this blog, we’ll be looking at the top 5 must-have floral hair clips on the market right now. We’ll explore the key features of each one, pros and cons, and most importantly, who each hair clip would best suit.

We’ll also provide a detailed guide on how to choose the perfect floral clip to match your personal style, hair type, face shape and occasion. Because not every gorgeous flower will work with every gorgeous gal!

Read on for everything you need to know about rocking the floral hair clip trend with confidence and style!

Top 5 Floral Hair Clips

Dainty Flower Pin

First up we have the sweet and subtle dainty flower pin. This style of hair clip features a small metal pin accessorized with tiny delicate fabric flowers. The blooms are often made of lace, organza, mesh or other lightweight fabrics.

These mini pins come in a myriad of floral varieties and colors, like little white lace daisies, pale purple hydrangeas, and blush pink roses. There are a few key things that make the dainty flower pin such a versatile accessory:

  • Subtle and romantic vibe – with tiny delicate blooms, this hair clip provides just a touch of floral whimsy. It’s flirty without being over the top.
  • Suits everyday wear – the petite size and minimalist design work for daily styles. Easily dresses up a casual ponytail or bun.
  • Variety of colors – available in many flower types and color options like pinks, purples, whites, blues. A subtle pop of color.
  • Minimalist styling – with single or small clusters of tiny blooms, this hair clip delivers romance without going overboard.
  • Lightweight – pins are delicate metal and fabric blooms are lightweight. Comfortable to wear all day long.

Of course, the delicateness of this hair clip comes with a few downsides to be aware of too:

  • Can easily slip out of fine or slippery hair – without strong grips or teeth, the pins can loosen in smooth or silky hair.
  • Not a statement piece – while very pretty, these pins are meant as an accent, not an eye-catching focal point.
  • Blooms are fragile – the fabric flowers can fray or fall apart if not cared for gently.

The dainty flower pin is best for:

  • Everyday wear
  • Casual, romantic hairstyles
  • Brides who want subtle floral on the big day
  • Fine and thin hair that won’t hold big clips
  • Delicate updos like ballet buns
  • Youthful styles on young girls and teens

Fabric Flower Clip

Get ready for some serious cottagecore vibes! Up next we have the boho chic fabric flower clip. This style features a clip-on fabric flower made of various textiles like ribbon, lace, organza and more. The blooms come in a huge range of sizes, colors, patterns and textures.

Some of the popular fabric choices for these romantic floral clips include:

  • Silk ribbons – for smooth luxurious petals and sheen
  • Satin fabrics – provide rich depth of color and luster
  • Lace – airy, delicate and feminine
  • Tulle – light and layered for full fluffy blooms
  • Organza – crisp translucent petals with body
  • Felt – provides soft structure that holds its shape

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to fabric selection and color for these textile blooms. The handmade quality provides some key upsides:

  • Artisanal, cottagecore vibe – looks beautifully homemade and crafted
  • Custom colors and patterns – choose any fabric hue, print or texture
  • Soft and comfortable – lightweight fabrics are comfy for all day wear
  • Photographs beautifully – fabrics look luminous and dreamy in photos

However, there are a few potential cons with fabric clips to keep in mind:

  • Can skew young – fabric flowers tend to have a youthful, cute aesthetic
  • Not as sturdy – lightweight fabrics like lace and tulle will fray and fall apart easier than metals and gems
  • Petals may loosen and wrinkle – the handmade style means less structure and precision

This style is perfect for:

  • Boho or cottagecore hairstyles
  • Festival and summer looks
  • statement updos like Gibson rolls
  • Whimsical wedding styles
  • Girls and teens who want a feminine look

Large Statement Bloom

If it’s drama you’re after, you can’t go past the large statement bloom! This style of floral hair clip features a BIG bold fabric flower, usually 4 inches or bigger in size. These huge blooms make quite the visual impact.

Often the large statement flowers are constructed with layers of tulle or lace fabric to create an extra full and voluminous bloom. The result is a very eye catching, ornate accessory.

Here’s why this style packs a serious floral punch:

  • Bold, standout accessory – the substantial size guarantees this clip will be noticed!
  • Makes a high impact style statement – use one as the focal point of an updo or as an accent against simple hair
  • Photographs beautifully – the volume and detailing make a stunning subject for photos
  • Variety of fabrics and textures available like soft tulle, romantic lace, gleaming satins etc.

Of course, the substantial size of these hair clips does come with some caveats:

  • Can be very heavy – not ideal for all day wear, as the weight can cause strain or headaches
  • The full flower shape is prone to getting crushed – these clips must be handled with care
  • Best suited for thick dense hair – fine or slippery hair will have trouble supporting the weight
  • Very eye catching effect is not always wanted – some situations call for more subtle accessorizing

This bold botanical style is best for:

  • Weddings and formal events
  • Making a high impact style statement
  • Photo shoots and editorial looks
  • Occasions where heavy accessories are appropriate
  • Ladies who love big, bold florals and volume

Pearl and Rhinestone Clip

If you love a bit of luxe sparkle, the pearl and rhinestone clip is sure to delight. These glamorous hair clips combine faux pearls, sparkling crystals, and other imitation gem accents into gorgeous floral shapes.

These bedazzled blooms often incorporate additional decorative elements like metal leaves, feather accents, ribbons and more. The result is dazzling floral hair candy!

Here’s why these posh clips are a must-have:

  • Timeless vintage glamor – reminiscent of Hollywood starlets and Art Deco decadence
  • Pearls, crystals and gems provide stunning shine – light catching accents flatter hair of any color
  • Luxe compliment to eveningwear – elevates a formal look and adds drama
  • Metal elements less prone to damage – gems and pearls last longer than real flowers
  • Very versatile – can be dressed up or down seamlessly
  • Wide range of designs and colors – choose a style that suits your personal taste

Of course, all that glitz does have some cautions:

  • Can be quite heavy due to the metals and accent pieces used
  • Gems and embellishments may snag on hair – requires gently handling
  • Higher price point than simpler flower clips and pins

These glamorous clips are perfect for:

  • Adding old world elegance to an updo
  • Making a statement for evenings and events
  • Increased luxury and added sparkle
  • Ladies who gravitate toward glitz and glamor
  • Costume party flair and drama

Cherry Blossom Clip

Fresh, tender and extraordinarily pretty – the cherry blossom clip is ideal for spring! These delicate clips feature flowers and foliage shaped like graceful cherry blossom blooms. Most designs showcase shades of pink, from pastel baby pink to rich fuschia.

Cherry blossoms hold a deeply symbolic meaning in many cultures, representing beauty, renewal, transience of life and more. Beyond the meaning, they simply make a gorgeous floral hair accessory. Reasons to love them:

  • On trend for the blooming spring season – as popular as the flowers that inspire them!
  • Photograph divinely – something about the delicate nature makes them so photogenic
  • Looks beautifully feminine and flirty – pretty in pink!
  • Can find both subtle and statement sizes – from tiny blossoms to big blooms
  • Complementary color ranges – cherry blossom hues pair flawlessly with most complexions and outfits

Some limitations around this floral pick:

  • Doesn’t transcend seasons well – strongly tied to springtime allure
  • Color isn’t very versatile – pink dominates most cherry blossom designs
  • ** Specific floral shape** isn’t as freely styled as some blooms

This blossoming clip is best for:

  • Spring season hairstyles
  • Festival and spring wedding guest looks
  • Photography shoots and artistic styles
  • Ladies who look great in pink!
  • Asian inspired clothing and designs

Now that you’re fully versed in the 5 hottest floral clip styles gracing tresses this season, let’s get into how to pick the perfect bloom for your beautiful self!

How to Choose the Perfect Floral Hair Clip

Choosing the floral clip that is just right for you may seem overwhelming initially. But don’t worry – we’re going to break it down step by step so you can pick the perfect hair candy with confidence!

Here are the key factors to keep in mind:

Consider Your Hair Type

This is crucial! You want to select a floral clip that will look beautiful in your hair – not a weighed down mess or lopsided disaster.

Fine or Thin Hair

  • Go for mini pins, delicate metal pins with subtle fabric or latex blooms
  • Avoid heavy materials like large gems, thick fabrics, chains etc
  • Position horizontally across width of hair, not vertically which will drag down
  • Strong grips, combs and silicone tips will help hold position better

Thick and Textured Hair

  • Can support heavier statement clips without collapsing from the weight
  • Must be mindful of snagging hair in any protruding wires and embellishments
  • Use clips with wide, flat teeth to grip chunky hair securely
  • If hair is slippery smooth, rely on textures settings spray for hold

Curly and Coily Hair

  • Avoid small claw clips that may get tangled in curls
  • Prioritize lightweight accessories to not weigh down
  • Position at ends or crown rather than near part/roots which can disturb pattern
  • Flat clip backs lay smoother than textured plastic backs

Slippery and Straight Hair

  • Look for strong grips, combs or silicone tips on pins to prevent sliding out
  • Go for slightly heavier embellished clips to weigh hair down for more traction
  • Set hair with texturizing spray first for a little grit and hold
  • Position horizontally along width of hair, rather than vertically

Damaged or Fragile Hair

  • Prevent snagging and breakage by avoiding jagged wire edges or protruding prongs
  • Favor soft fabric flowers over heavy rhinestones and rough embellishments
  • Choose smooth flat clip backs that won’t catch and tangle hair

Consider Your Face Shape

Just like your perfect jeans or haircut, the ideal floral clip for you depends so much on your face shape. Follow these tips:

Oval or Longer Faces

  • Balance out your vertical lines with a bold horizontal statement clip
  • Fuller flowers at the sides compliment your face width
  • Avoid tall piled up vertical styles that will elongate more

Round or Full Faces

  • Draw the eye up with tall blooms like calla lilies to add height
  • Minimize width by opting for singular blooms instead of clusters
  • Placing pins and mini flowers at the sides creates lovely framing

Heart Shaped Faces

  • Soften your angular chin with rounded shapes like peonies or roses
  • Pull back sides with delicate pins to highlight your eyes and cheekbones
  • Avoid massive flowers that will dominate your petite features

Square or Angular Faces

  • Soft, loose blooms add some curves to offset your strong lines
  • Flank your face with florals to play down the sharp jawline
  • Steer clear of severe geometric shapes; go for frilly and romantic

Match the Occasion

Context is everything. A flower crown may look divine at Coachella, but feels out of place at a board room meeting. Some occasion based tips:

  • Casual Everyday – dainty mini pins or singular blooms
  • Grocery Runs – simple fabric flower or scarf with floral print
  • Daytime Garden Party – hat with floral embellishments
  • Beach Wedding – tropical floral crown with bright hibiscus
  • Red Carpet Event – glamorous gems and chandelier earrings
  • Music Festival – boho headband with bold eclectic flowers
  • Romantic Date Night – soft petaled rose tucked behind ear
  • Black Tie Gala – dazzling crystal floral brooch attached in an elegant low bun

The possibilities are endless! Just be mindful of the vibe and formality of the event. Ask yourself: is this floral hair candy appropriate for the occasion? The last thing you want is to look out of place.

Consider Color and Patterns

You want your glorious hair bloom to complement your look – not compete with it! Some tips:

  • Matching your floral adornment to the exact color and pattern of your outfit can look overly matchy-matchy.
  • Instead, look for blooms in a color that complements your outfit hue. Pink works nicely with red or peach shades. Creamy ivory petals pop against black.
  • For prints and patterns, avoid matching a big floral clip to an equally bold floral dress – it’s just too much.
  • Opt for a clip in a subtle print like polka dots or solids if your dress is a vibrant floral. Let one pattern stand out.
  • Contrasting colors can be gorgeous too. Think rich burgundy blooms against a cream dress, or emerald green leaves with a pink floral print outfit.

Consider Seasonality

Some floral varieties just inherently suit a particular season better than others. It helps create a cohesive aesthetic.


  • Cherry blossoms
  • Daffodils
  • Tulips
  • Delicate pastels
  • Butterflies
  • Lighter weight fabrics


  • Sunflowers
  • Poppies
  • Tropical flowers like hibiscus
  • Bold brights
  • Straw
  • Loose, sheer fabrics


  • Orchids
  • Berry tones
  • Velveteen fabrics
  • Leaves and foliage accents
  • Darker moodier hues


  • Red roses
  • Poinsettias
  • Pine sprigs and cones
  • Metallic sheens
  • Heavier fabrics like brocades

While you don’t need to stick to only seasonally accurate blooms, it does help enhance the overall feeling.

Mind the Hairstyle

You’ll want to select a floral adornment that integrates beautifully with your chosen hairstyle. The placement matters!

Half-Up Styles

  • Position clips and pins neatly at the sides, rather than the back
  • Tiny delicate pins look ethereal tucked behind ears
  • Miniatur brooches work nicely above the tie or Elastic band

High Ponytail

  • Wrap a floral scarf around ponytail base
  • Affix a big statement flower at the tip of the tail for drama
  • Weave ribbons into the ponytail itself then tie in a bloom


  • Tuck and pin mini blooms sporadically throughout braid
  • Finish a fishtail or Dutch braid by tying ends with a ribbon and fabric flower
  • For a crown braid, pin blooms along the top front ridge

Bun or Chignon

  • Hide bobby pins by topping with a pretty fabric flower
  • Clip on a brooch or jeweled pin just before wrapping hair into a bun
  • For a messy undone bun, position a bloom off center for an organic feel


  • Look for a style with attached floral appliques or 3D elements
  • Affix mini pins and tiny blooms sporadically alone the band
  • For a DIY touch, glue on ribbons, lace or small flowers

Weight Distribution

When positioning your floral hair candy think about distribution of weight so your look is balanced.

Photogenic Placement

If rocking your gorgeous locks for a special event or photos, ensure the floral accessory is positioned so it’s captured from the front or side. No one wants to hide all the pretty blooms in the back!

Even Balance

You want both sides to look visually even and cohesive. If you do opt for a single dramatic flower, place it thoughtfully to complement your features.


Placement part way up the height of your hair helps give the illusion of volume. Sitting it too low can fall flat. Too high may look like it’s sitting on top rather than integrated.

Comfort is Key

While beauty is pain and all, you ideally want to opt for a floral hair piece that doesn’t cause literal physical pain!


Those chunky, heavily embellished clips can certainly cause neck strain and headaches after a long day or night of wear. Opt for lightweight blooms if you need to remain comfortable for extended durations.


Too tight a grip or certain materials like rigid plastic can feel scratchy and irritating against your scalp after prolonged contact. Seek out padded fabric backings when possible.


Will you be dancing and moving around a lot? Excessive motion can make some delicate pins loosen or fall out. Prioritize secure grips – or plan for the potential to reposition frequently.


Metal allergy? Avoid nickel and opt for hypoallergenic materials. Prone to headaches? Steer clear of heavy rigid accessories. Reduce irritation by choosing wisely.

Personal Style

Your floral hair accents should feel like an authentic expression of your personal sense of style. Whether you’re a boho queen, vintage romantic or modern minimalist, here are some guiding principles:

Bold Diva

  • Make a scene with bright colors, big textures, shining gems and statement silhouettes
  • Pile on layered flowers for decadent luxury
  • Choose prominent positioning like the top of your crown

Romantic Ingenue

  • Soft, delicate blooms in light floaty fabrics
  • Subtle pastels and airy florals
  • Hed for dainty details like mini pins and singular buds
  • Let down loose hairstyles allow florals to take center stage

Edgy Rocker

  • Dark moodier flowers like black roses, red carnations, purple calla lilies
  • Metallic sheens and studded embellishments
  • Juxtapose pretty florals with leather and denim
  • Rotate from back of head to diagonally frame face

Minimalist Purist

  • Skip big flashy blooms for simplicity
  • Sleek futuristic floral shapes
  • Monochromatic color schemes
  • Integrate strategically into sleek updos or ponytails

Age Appropriate

Similar to dressing your age, you’ll want to select floral hair candy suitable for your maturity level. Some pointers:

Little Girls

  • Whimsical colorful blooms
  • Bows, ribbons, butterflies and glitter
  • Flower crowns
  • Accessible easy-care fabrics like cotton


  • Bolder colors and experimental shapes
  • On trend pieces like cherry blossoms
  • Statement accessories worn ironically
  • DIY fabric pins and ribbons

Twenty Somethings

  • Fun, casual pieces like fabric blooms
  • Coachella worthy flower crowns
  • Trendy shapes like starflowers

Thirties & Forties

  • Larger statement jeweled pins
  • Sophisticated fabrics like silk blooms
  • Elegant crystal floral brooches
  • More strategic placement in updos

Fifties & Beyond

  • Bold, standout silhouettes
  • Metallic, bejeweled and embellished
  • Luxurious fabrics like velvet flowers
  • Artful placement against graying hair

The most important thing is to have fun with floral adornments and choose pieces that make you beam with confidence and beauty! Don’t be afraid to experiment with different blooms until you find your signature style.

Let us know in the comments which floral hair clip is your favorite for achieving your perfectlook! We’d love to hear your tips and tricks on rocking this gorgeous trend. Share how you incorporate hair candy into your styles.


Floral hair clips and accessories punctuate your look with feminine whimsy and beauty. With so many varieties – from petite pins to showstopping silk blooms – you’re guaranteed to find the perfect adornment to take your tresses to new heights.

Follow our guide when selecting clips, taking into consideration your hair attributes, face shape, outfit and the vibe of the occasion. Position and style your blooms thoughtfully to create a flattering finished look.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and express your own flair through floral hair candy. With the right know-how, these adornments can transform even the plainest ponytail into a breathtaking bouquet of beauty!