Top 5 Colorful Hair Bands and How to Choose the Perfect One for You

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Hair bands are a wardrobe staple that come in endless varieties – from fabric scrunchies to spiral plastic bands to glitzy bejeweled bands. But colorful hair bands are having a major moment right now as a fun, youthful accessory to dress up a ponytail or bun.

In this blog post, we’ll count down the top 5 most popular colorful hair bands on the market and provide tips on how to choose the perfect hair band to match your personal style and hair type. Get ready to fall in love with these fun and functional accessories!


Do you remember the days of scrunching your hair into the perfect ponytail held by a plastic butterfly clip? Those were simpler times. While some 90s trends are coming back around, plastic butterfly clips may be better left in the past!

Nowadays we have more options than ever when it comes to hair accessories – everything from fabric scrunchies to metallic cuff bands to jeweled elastic bands that add glitz and glam to our ponytails and buns. Hair bands are such a fun way to accessorize your look while pulling your hair back stylishly and keeping flyaways under control.

When you want to add a little flair to your hairstyle, nothing beats a colorful hair band. Whether you’re looking to coordinate with your outfit or just channel some playful, youthful energy, colorful hair ties and bands allow you to make a stylish statement. I don’t know about you, but I love when my hair accessories become part of the outfit – it shows you put real thought into your look from head to toe!

So if you’re ready to have a bit more fun with your hair, read on for the top 5 most popular colorful hair bands along with tips for choosing the perfect one for you. Let’s get styling!

#5 Fabric Covered Hair Bands

First up in our colorful hair bands countdown are fabric covered bands. These bands have a rubber or elastic inner core covered in a sleeve of fabric. You’ll find them covered in all types of fabrics like velvet, cotton, linen, satin, and more! The fabric covering adds great texture and visual interest.

Some popular fabric covered hair bands include:

  • Scünci No Slip Grip Velvet Hair Bands: These bands have a rubber inner grip covered with a lush velvet fabric sleeve. The velvet fabric comes in rich solids as well as fun prints like leopard and floral patterns. The no-slip grip helps keep them securely in place.
  • Veda Velvet Scrunchies: For that nostalgic scrunchie feel, Veda makes scrunchies wrapped in velvet fabric. The ruffled design provides a cute retro look.
  • Kitsch Satin Scrunchies: Get the scrunchie style covered in elegant satin fabric. These are a great way to get the scrunchie look in a more polished, elegant material.
  • Silke London Fabric Covered Elastic Bands: With organic cotton covers over latex-free elastic, these bands provide a comfortable, gentle grip. The cotton sleeve comes in solids and subtle patterns.

The main benefits of fabric covered hair bands are that they come in fun prints and textures while adding visual interest and volume to your hair. The fabric covering helps prevent dents and creases in the hair. The fabrics also provide good grip to keep your style in place.

However, some downsides are that certain fabrics like velvet may snag on delicate or textured hair. The fabrics can also pull more than smoother materials. Some users also report that certain fabric dyes can bleed onto blonde hair so pay attention when purchasing. And as with any fabric, allergy irritation is possible for sensitive skin.

Overall though, fabric covered hair bands provide a comfortable, eye-catching way to accessorize ponytails and updos.

#4 Spiral Plastic Hair Bands

Next up, we have the spiral plastic hair bands that many of us grew up wearing. These are made of molded plastic in a coiled, spiral shape. They come in a huge range of bright colors and fun patterns that allow you to show off your personality!

Some popular spiral plastic hair bands include:

  • Goody Ouchless Spiral Hair Bands: These coil plastic bands have a springy spiral that flexes to reduce pinching and pulling of hair. Fun bright colors and metallic shimmer options available.
  • Scunci Effortless Beauty Spiral Hair Ties: With colors like leopard print and neon pink, these embody fun, fearless style. The plastic coil design helps grip hair without damage.
  • Rubber Loom Bands: Remember making bracelets out of miniature rainbow rubber bands as kids? You can use these small elastics on hair too for whimsical ponytails.
  • Old Navy Patterned Elastics: Old Navy has cute patterned elastic hair ties with designs like stripes, polka dots, hearts, and more. The skinny elastic shapes work well for kids’ fine hair.

The springy plastic spiral design is great for holding hair securely while preventing dents. The coils help grip hair without too much pulling or breakage. Plus, the plastic bands come in basically any color or pattern imaginable – show off your personal style!

However, the plastic spiral bands may not have enough grip for super thick or textured hair. They can also pull more delicate hairs through the coils. And while they are inexpensive, their quality often reflects the low price-point and they can break fairly easily.

Overall though, spiral plastic hair bands are a classic choice that offers strong hold with tons of colorful and playful styling options.

#3 Metal Hair Bands

For our bronze medalist colorful hair band, we have metal hair ties and bands. These have thin metal cores, often made of aluminum, covered in fabric or silicone. The metals add durability to help the bands keep their shape.

Some popular metal hair bands include:

  • Scünci Active No Damage Elastics: Great for active situations like sports, these have a metal reinforced core wrapped in silicone with cute color combos.
  • Goody Ouchless Metal-Reinforced Elastics: The thin metal core helps these bands stay put without nicking or pulling hair, even during workouts. Fun metallics and neons available.
  • Creaseless Aluminum Metal Hair Rings: For super sleek updos, these aluminum cuff-style bands provide strong hold without dents. Can come plain or decorated with rhinestones.
  • Public Desire Padded Metal Hair Rings: These wide metal hair bands have fabric padding at the edges for comfortable wear all day long.

The thin durable metal core of these bands keeps them from stretching out, making metal hair ties ideal for thick, textured, or long hair that needs control. The metals add strength without excessive bulk. Plus, the thin cuff styles create elegantly smooth updos.

However, metal may feel uncomfortable on sensitive scalps. Metal-reinforced bands also run the risk of bending or breaking hair if opened improperly. And for fine, delicate hair, the unpadded metals could potentially nick or snag strands.

But overall, the durability and sleek hold of metal hair bands make them a versatile choice. The metals allow for delicate embellishments like rhinestones too!

#2 Ribbon Hair Bands

In our silver medalist spot, we have beautiful ribbon hair bands! These bands have a flexible ribbon material tied into an elastic band shape. You’ll find ribbon hair ties made from materials like silk, cotton, polyester satin, grosgrain, and more.

Some popular ribbon hair bands include:

  • Slip Silk Ribbon Ties: Made of lush 100% mulberry silk, these ribbon bands are super soft and gentle on hair. Gorgeous solids and patterns like leopard print available.
  • Kitsch Cotton Ribbon Hair Ties: The cotton ribbon material is soft and comfortable while adding a cute preppy vibe. Fun gingham and polka dot designs offered.
  • Lele Sadoughi Knotted Satin Headbands: These ribbon bands are wrapped into chic knotted designs for elegant updos with personality.
  • Ribbonxl Grosgrain Hair Ties: Grosgrain has a subtly textured sheen that adds intrigue. Great for a tailored, sophisticated look.

The luxuriously smooth and soft ribbon textures move comfortably with hair and help prevent imprints. Ribbons come in a huge variety of playful prints, sophisticated solids, and rich textures for any style. The fabrics provide gentle yet secure hold for ponytails.

The only downsides are that thinner ribbons may not grip thick or slippery hair well. More delicate materials like silk can be pricey and require gentle care. And ribbons with looser weaves could potentially catch on hair.

However, ribbon hair bands allow you to make a statement with your hair accessories. Whether you want a romantic and feminine silky ribbon or a vibrant patterned cotton tie, ribbons bring tons of styling versatility.

#1 Scrunchie Hair Bands

And finally, our gold medal winner for most popular colorful hair bands is…the scrunchie! Scrunchies are made of soft gathered fabric like cotton, velvet, or satin wrapped around an elastic band core. The ruffled fabric design provides a fun retro flair.

Some popular scrunchie hair bands include:

  • Lele Sadoughi Velvet Scrunchies: Luxe velvet scrunchies with intricate jeweled and beaded embellishments take this accessory to a glam new level!
  • Kitsch Big Velvet Scrunchies: These plus-sized scrunchies make a bold style statement! Thick velvet fabric comes in rich jewel tones.
  • Jennifer Behr Raffia Scrunchies: Blended raffia fibers have an earthy, bohemian vibe in these textured scrunchies. Great for a relaxed style.
  • Fornohope Satin Scrunchies: Elegant satin scrunchies with gorgeous patterns like floral and paisley for a romantic vibe.

The gathered fabric of scrunchies provides a comfortable hold that doesn’t leave creases or dents. The fabrics are soft and flexible to reduce pulling on hair. And the fun retro design allows you to get playful with accessories – even adding your own embellishments like charms!

Smaller potential issues are that certain more delicate fabrics may not work well for thick hair. Scrunchie bulk could look less sleek with fine, limp hair too. And folks with tactile sensitivity may dislike the scrunchie texture.

But overall, scrunchies are the quintessential fun, youthful hair accessory to liven up ponytails and braids. Pick your fabric, pattern, and size to amp up your hairstyle!

Tips for Choosing the Right Hair Band for You

Now that we’ve covered the top 5 most colorful and popular hair bands, let’s go over some tips for choosing the perfect one for your personal hair type and style needs:

  • Match hair band width to hair thickness – Thick, voluminous hair types often do best with wider bands in materials like fabric covered or ribbons. Thinner bands work well for fine hair. Choose metal and plastic bands in smaller widths if you have thin hair.
  • Complement your hairstyle – Smaller, thinner bands like fabric covered elastics work for low pigtail braids or ponytails. But if you’re doing a messy top knot or high voluminous bun, go for a thicker scrunchie or fabric band.
  • Consider your outfit and style – If you want your hair band to make a bold statement and focal point, go bright, big, embellished! For more subtle or sophisticated looks, match the hair tie color to your outfit and keep embellishments minimal.
  • Choose soft, stretchy materials for fine or fragile hair – Gentle fabrics like satin or silk ribbons and scrunchies or soft fabric covered bands will provide hold without tugging delicate strands. Those with damaged or brittle hair also do best with soft materials.
  • Opt for durability if you’ll be active – Metal, plastic, and thick/reinforced fabric hair bands stand up to motion and exercise better than delicate materials. Secure hold is a must for sports and workouts.
  • Look for comfortable fabrics if bands touch skin – For all-day wear, seek out gentle, non-irritating materials like cotton, nylon, or satin against the skin. Consider latex free elastic if you have allergies.
  • Get creative and have fun with colors, patterns, textures! – Hair bands offer the chance to get playful. Mix and match colors and prints within a set for endless styling options.

Finding the ideal hair bands for your needs may take some trial and error. But pay attention to width, materials, and embellishments that work with your hair type and style preferences. The right accessories can make styling easier while showing off your personal flair!

Caring for Your New Hair Bands

Now that you’ve got your colorful hair bands, you’ll want them to last! Here are some tips for keeping bands looking and performing their best:

  • Store bands carefully when not worn to prevent snags, knots, and damage. Keep them untangled in a drawer, hung on a hook, or even on a hair brush handle.
  • To wash bands, place them in a small garment bag and machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Let air dry out of direct sunlight to prevent fading.
  • Spot clean bands between washes as needed using a soft toothbrush and mild soap if they pick up oils and dirt. Give them a rinse and allow to fully dry.
  • Store fabric covered hair bands loosely when not worn rather than stretching them tight over your wrist or a holder. This helps retain their shape and stretch.
  • To prolong the life of your most used hair bands, establish a rotation system. Alternate frequently worn bands with several others so each one can rest and reset between uses.
  • Remove bands gently without tugging or pulling. Open the elastic or fabric slowly and smoothly to slide out rather than yanking the band down the length of your hair to prevent splits and breakage.
  • Discard any bands that become damaged – stretched out, torn, or with broken/missing elastic or metal cores. Don’t risk worn-out hair ties breaking and getting stuck!

With some basic care and storage tips, your new colorful hair bands will last a long while – keeping your hair looking fab!

Styling Inspiration and Tips

Once you’ve got your colorful hair bands in hand, it’s time for the fun part – rocking them in fabulous styles! Here are some tips and inspiration for putting your new hair accessories to work:

Placement matters – Placing your ponytail or bun lower at the nape of your neck creates a more relaxed vibe, while a high perky pony or sleek topknot conveys polished sophistication. Feel free to experiment with placement to find what suits the look you want.

Tease and prep hair first for extra volume and lift. Backcombing at the crown before pulling into a ponytail helps create height. For buns and knots, tease the entire ponytail before twisting up into shape. A bit of prep provides a substantial base for accessories to complement.

Combine textures and fabrics by stacking ribbon bands over scrunchies or adding a satin ribbon bow to a velvet scrunchie. Mixing materials and embellishments creates an eclectic, fun look.

Tie bands into bows rather than single knots to play up the feminine style. For short hair, bows can also double as alligator clips to pull back smaller sections.

Try bands on wrists or ankles as an extension of your outfit’s accessories. Stretchy styles like spiral plastic bands or fabric hair ties work particularly well for this.

Wrap bands around purses or bags to incorporate that pop of color. You’ll want to select bands that are durable and smooth enough to not snag.

Use wider bands as headbands as another way to coordinate colors and patterns with your outfit. Stretch them gently across the forehead for a fun retro feel.

When dressing up for a formal occasion or wedding, upgrade basic elastics with a satin ribbon hair tie or jeweled cuff band that matches the glitz and glamour of your look.

The styling possibilities with colorful hair bands are endless! Have fun and get creative matching these accessories to your personal style. Your hair will never have a dull day again.

In Summary

We covered a lot of ground in the wonderful world of colorful and fab hair bands! Here’s a quick recap:

  • The top 5 most popular styles are fabric covered bands, plastic spirals, metal bands, ribbons, and scrunchies. Each offers different textures, durability, and styling perks.
  • Choosing hair bands is easier when you consider factors like hair thickness, textures, activity levels, and styling versatility.
  • Caring for your new hair goodies properly with gentle handling, washing, and storage will extend their life and performance.
  • Fun mix and match styling by combining colors, patterns, placing bands in creative locations, and accessorizing your wrists or purse too!

So try out some of these amazing colorful hair bands for yourself and take your ponytail style up a notch! Your hair will thank you. And don’t forget to have fun with it!