The Ultimate Guide to Stylish and Cozy Knit Pom Pom Hats

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Pom pom hats are making a fabulous comeback this year! The fun, fuzzy pom poms perched on top add a playful touch to any cold weather outfit. These knit hats with pom poms have been around for ages, but they feel fresh and on-trend again.

If you’re looking to add one of these statement-making hats to your winter wardrobe, this guide covers everything you need to know. We’ll explore the top pom pom hat styles, tips for choosing the right one, and answers to frequently asked pom pom hat questions. Pull up a cozy blanket, grab some hot cocoa, and let’s dive in!

A pom pom hat is exactly what it sounds like—a knitted hat with a fluffy pom pom on top. The pom pom is made by tying together strands of yarn, forming a ball-shaped tuft of fiber. Knit pom pom hats come in all different styles, but the pom pom detail always adds a fun decorative touch.

Pom pom hats likely originated in Scandinavian countries, where knitting is deeply rooted in the culture. The earliest versions were made from wool yarn and used as cold weather gear. Over time, pom pom hats became an iconic symbol of winter fashion and spread in popularity across the world.

Recently, pom pom hats have been popping up everywhere again! From runways to street style photos, pom pom hats are back in a big way. Both handmade and mass-produced versions are available in endless colors, textures, and designs. The comeback is partly due to ‘90s and Y2K fashion trends cycling back into style. But pom pom hats also have a timeless charm and practicality that never goes out of favor.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover all things pom pom hats, including:

  • The top 5 most stylish knit pom pom hat designs
  • Tips for choosing the perfect pom pom hat for you
  • Answering frequently asked questions about pom poms

Let’s get started with the coolest pom pom hat trends you need to know about!

Top 5 Knit Pom Pom Hat Styles

There are countless ways to craft a quintessential pom pom hat. Here are 5 of the most popular knit pom pom hat styles making waves right now:

1. The Classic Beanie Pom Pom Hat

The beanie pom pom hat is the OG of pom pom hats. This style features a typically ribbed knit beanie cap, with a fluffy pom pom perched on top. The pom pom is centered on the crown of the hat, like the cherry on a sundae.

This is likely the pom pom hat style you picture when you hear the term. It’s extremely versatile and suits a wide range of ages. Change up the yarn colors and pom pom size, and you can create completely unique versions. Even the basic beanie pom pom hat makes a statement while keeping your head nice and toasty.


  • Versatile and suits many styles
  • Easy knitting project for beginners
  • Yarn color and pom pom customization options


  • Can seem a bit plain on its own
  • Pom pom could detach if not secured properly


  • Choose a fuzzy pom pom yarn for extra flair
  • Reinforce pom pom attachment with strong knots or glue

2. The Earflap Pom Pom Hat

Similar to the classic beanie style, the earflap pom pom hat adds cozy earflaps and ties into the mix. The flaps provide extra head warmth by covering your ears. You can tie them loosely under your chin or tighter to secure the hat.

This style screams winter warmth. The pom pom on top prevents it from looking too serious. The flaps also add character that sets it apart from a standard beanie pom hat.


  • Covers ears for extra warmth
  • Cute, playful look from the pom pom and flaps


  • Earflaps could annoy some wearers
  • Not as versatile as a beanie pom hat


  • Add length to earflap ties for adjusting tightness
  • Use a faux fur pom pom for even more coziness

3. The Slouchy Oversize Pom Pom Hat

Imagine your favorite slouchy, stretchy beanie, but then adding an adorably giant pom pom on top. This relaxed pom pom hat style makes a laid back, winter fashion statement.

The slouchy fitting design is meant to be worn low on the head, often showing off the ribbed brim. Paired with the oversize pom pom, this hat commands attention. Choose fun, bright colors to enhance the casual vibe. This pom pom hat pairs perfectly over messy hair for weekend wear.


  • Super on-trend casual style
  • Comfy slouchy fit
  • Makes the pom pom focal point


  • May not stay put; prone to falling off
  • Pom pom could seem over-the-top


  • Choose a stretchy yarn with some grip
  • Use the pom pom to adjust the slouchy fit

4. The Double Pom Pom Cuff Beanie

What’s better than one pom pom on a hat? Two pom poms, of course! The double pom pom cuff beanie places a fluffy pom pom on each side of the head.

This style is made from a ribbed knit beanie pattern. But the cuffs extend wider to allow space for the pom poms. The two pom poms are identical for symmetry.

For this hat, opt for extra large pom poms to balance out the proportions. Go wild with different color combinations to make this hat a conversation piece. The double pom poms also add extra warmth around the ears.


  • Twice the pom pom cuteness
  • Makes a statement with dual flair
  • Customizable with pom pom options


  • Could seem bulky if pom poms are oversized
  • Hard to find this style sold commercially


  • Start the pom poms on the smaller side, then size up
  • DIY your own double pom pom beanie for a custom fit

5. The Hooded Pom Pom Hat

Similar to the earflap pom pom hat, the hooded pom pom hat takes winter gear up a notch. This style features a warm hood attached to a knit beanie cap, topped with a pom pom.

Some hooded versions are sewn on, while others are knitted directly into the hat. The hood adds an extra layer of protection. But the pom pom injected on top keeps it playful. Because of the hood, the pom pom is extra noticeable and prominent.


  • The hood provides extra head warmth
  • Visually striking and adorable


  • The hood may conflict with coat hoods
  • Not as versatile as a standard beanie pom


  • Make the hood detachable for customization
  • Use a furry pom pom yarn for even more coziness

Now that you’re familiar with the fab five pom pom hat contenders, let’s explore how to pick the perfect one to match your personal style and needs.

How to Choose the Right Knit Pom Pom Hat

With so many pom pom options, it can be tricky choosing the right hat for you. Here are tips for picking a pom pom hat style that excels in both fashion and function:

Consider Climate Conditions

Your climate is the first deciding factor for pom pom hat survival. If you live in milder conditions, focus on cuter hats that may be less insulated. Acrylic or cotton hats with small pom poms suit warmer environments.

For colder climates or winter activities, choose a 100% wool or sock yarn pom hat. Look for insulation features like earflaps or a protective hood. A dense, furry pom pom also helps conserve body heat.

Pick Hat Height Based on Style

The height and fit of your pom pom hat impact its overall look. Tall, slouchy designs allow the pom pom to take center stage. Sitting lower on the head shows off the hat’s ribbed brim.

Shorter, fitted pom hats keep the pom pom neatly propped on top while allowing you to easily layer under it. Earflap and hooded versions should fit snug enough to keep flaps in place. Decide if you want a slouchy statement or a practical accessory.

Match Pom Pom Size to Hat Style

When it comes to pom pom size, balance is key. An oversize pom can overwhelm a fitted ribbed beanie. But a tiny pom pom gets lost on an extra slouchy hat.

Take pom pom proportion into account with each style. Beanies and earflap hats do well with medium sized poms. Save giant poms for slouchy and oversized hat designs to enhance that look.

Get Creative With Pom Pom Color and Texture

When choosing yarn colors, you can make the pom pom match or contrast the hat color. Contrasting poms create a fun pop of color. But matching poms blend for an organic look.

For premium texture, use a fuzzy pom pom yarn like mohair or angora. Bulky yarns work well in cold climates. Don’t be afraid to rock rainbow or eclectic pom designs. This is the perfect hat for showing off your creativity!

Check Care Instructions

Pay attention to the yarn care guidelines, especially if buying pre-made. Acrylic blends create affordable, washable pom hats. Wool and alpaca yarn make luxuriously warm (yet delicate) pom poms.

Make sure to check if the pom pom is detachable before washing. Some pom pom hats are also “feltable,” meaning they can shrink when washed incorrectly. Understanding care guidelines will extend your pom hat lifespan.

Ensure Proper Fit

The pom pom hat opening should fit comfortably around your head without squeezing. If the hat is too tight, sizing up may compromise the fit and style. Wider hat openings with ribbed brims create stretch for a custom feel.

Try on different pom hat shapes and heights when possible. Beanie caps allow more wiggle room. But earflap and hooded versions need a more snug fit to keep them in position. The right shape for your head type prevents pom pom mishaps.

Choose a Flattering, Fashionable Shape

Some silhouettes objectively look better on certain faces and style preferences. Rounder face shapes suit longer, slouchier pom designs. Square faces balance out nicely with fitted ribbed poms.

figure out if you want to show off or downplay certain facial features. No matter what, the cute pom pom draws positive attention upward. Feel confident rocking shapes beyond typical beanies. Trendy earflap poms or hooded versions could become your new signature look.

Inspect Quality and Construction

Well-made pom pom hats will last for years with proper care. Hold potential purchases inside out to inspect the knitting quality. Look for tightly secured pom poms with dense inner cores. Stretched out bands, holes, and loose strands are red flags.

Quality hats are seamless when turned inside out. Pom poms should feel evenly fluffy with no bare spots. Yarn ends should be woven back into the hat, not left dangling. Shop pom pom hats from reputable brands and check customer reviews. A minor imperfection won’t ruin the hat, but sloppy construction leads to unraveling pom poms.

Customize With Embroidery or More Pom Poms

Many pom pom hat lovers enjoy adding a personal touch. Custom embroidery is an easy way to make it uniquely yours. Add initials, names, or small designs with embroidery floss matching the yarn color.

For pom pom pros, attach smaller matching poms along the hat’s brim. Space them evenly for a polka dot effect. Or place them at the corners for a fun detail. Opening up creativity options makes your hat feel special.

Now that you’re a pom pom pro, let’s answer some frequently asked questions to solidify your knowledge!

Knit Pom Pom Hat FAQs

Here are answers to some of the most common pom pom hat questions:

How do you attach a pom pom to a knit hat?

The easiest method is to tie the pom pom yarn strands directly onto hat stitches before closing the top. Tie tight knots very close to the pom pom base, then trim excess. For extra hold, add a dot of fabric glue at the attachment point.

How long should the yarn strands be for a pom pom?

This depends on the pom pom size, but 4-8 inches is ideal. For giant poms, up to 12-inch strands keep the pom dense and full. Shorter strands 2-3 inches work for beanie caps. Scale strand length up or down based on the pom pom diameter.

What’s the best yarn for pom poms?

Fuzzy, textured yarns like mohair, alpaca, angora, and wool make the fluffiest pom poms. Cotton yarn lacks stretch and volume. Stick to soft, lightweight yarns that are flexible enough to tie tightly together.

How do you make a big pom pom for a hat?

For larger pom poms 2-3 inches wide, use a pom pom maker tool or cardboard/ CD as a template. Cut the center hole slightly smaller than desired finished size. Wrap 30-60 yarn strands, depending on thickness, around the template. Then tie off at the center and fluff it up!

How many strands of yarn do you need for a pom pom?

As a general rule, multiply the desired pom pom width by 15. For example, a 2-inch pom would need around 30 strands. For plump giant poms, use up to 60 strands wrapped on a 3-inch template ring. The more strands, the fuller the pom will be.

What’s the most popular pom pom hat style?

The classic ribbed beanie cap with a centered top pom pom remains widely popular for its simplicity and versatility. But slouchy oversize pom hats are trending due to their laid back style. Earflap and double pom versions are also on the rise for added flair.

Should pom poms match the hat color?

There’s no right answer here – it’s up to personal preference! Matching adds uniformity and a clean look. Contrasting poms make the hat pop. Mix and match colors on a double pom hat for extra fun. Let your creativity run wild.

How do you fix a messy pom pom?

If your pom pom becomes frizzy over time, carefully trim any overly long, stray strands with small scissors. Avoid taking off too much length. Use a wool comb to reshape and fluff up the pom pom as needed. Add a dab of textile glue on unruly pieces for extra hold.

The Final Wrap on Pom Pom Hats

As you can see, there’s more to pom pom hats than meets the eye. With endless style variations, creative directions to take them, and practical considerations, finding your perfect topper may take some trial and error.

Hopefully this guide provided ample inspiration and tips to rock your dream hat. Whether you want to make a basic beanie to keep cozy or craft an Instagram-worthy slouchy pom pom statement piece, you now have all the information needed to hat shop like a pro.

The next time the temperatures dip, grab one of these playful, pom-pom topped hats to take your winter outfit to the next level. Don’t be surprised if your new favorite pom accessory becomes a year-round staple!