Stay Cozy in Style: A Guide to Fabulous Sherpa Blanket Scarves

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Sherpa blanket scarves are the stylish secret to staying warm and looking good when temperatures drop. These oversized scarves are made from soft, plush Sherpa material that provides cozy warmth without bulky weight. But Sherpa scarves aren’t just practical – they also offer endless styling potential with their range of colors, prints and fab textures.

In this guide, we’ll explore the many benefits of blanket scarves and how to choose the perfect one to complement your personal style. You’ll also discover the best ways to wear these wardrobe heroes to stay cozy in style all season long. Let’s get wrapped up in the wonderful world of Sherpa!

Why Sherpa Blanket Scarves Are So Wonderful

First, what exactly is a Sherpa blanket scarf? The term “Sherpa” refers to the soft, thick, shaggy pile fabric that resembles lamb’s wool. It has more loft than regular fleece, creating extra warmth and coziness. A Sherpa blanket scarf is oversized to allow full wrapping around the shoulders, while also being lightweight enough for wearing as a scarf.

Sherpa blanket scarves have many features that make them a cold weather staple:

  • Warmth – The lofty Sherpa material traps heat to keep you cozy without weighing you down. The large size allows extra wrapping for more coverage.
  • Versatility – Wear it looped casually around the neck, wrapped snugly around shoulders like a shawl, or bundled up over your lap as a blanket. Such a multi-use garment!
  • Comfort – Smooth, fuzzy, fluffy…Sherpa feels heavenly against bare skin. The soft fabric is perfect for sensitive necks.
  • Style – Available in a huge range of colors, prints, and textures, there’s a Sherpa scarf to complement any outfit. Dress up or down!
  • Portability – Lightweight and easy to pack in a bag, Sherpa scarves are ideal for travel and events. Always have a portable blanket on hand!
  • Durability – Well-made styles hold their shape and pile through many wears and washes. With proper care, a Sherpa scarf can last for years.

With this winning combination of fashion and function, it’s no wonder Sherpa blanket scarves are loved by so many style-seekers. Let’s look at how to pick the perfect one to keep you cozy and chic.

Choosing Your Ideal Sherpa Blanket Scarf

All Sherpa scarves promise cloud-like softness and warmth, but there are design factors that determine which style suits your needs:

Size – Sherpa scarves meant for full shoulder/upper body coverage range from 55-80 inches long. For most flexible use, 60-70 inches is ideal. Very large 80+ inch versions work well for tall figures.

Thickness – The loft and density of the Sherpa fabric impacts warmth. Thicker styles have more insulating capacity for frigid weather. For milder climates, a lighter Sherpa works better.

Fabric – Many are 100% polyester, but some are cotton/poly blends. Polyester has more loft. Cotton offers environmental benefits but less warmth when wet. Your choice depends on feel preference and use.

Color/Pattern – Solids in versatile neutrals – black, gray, navy, ivory – get the most wear. For fun, seek stylish prints, ombré, tie-dye, plaid and textured Sherpas.

Hem/Trim – Self-edged Sherpas have a clean, simple look. Others have decorative details like fringe or pom poms. Consider the overall style you want.

Care – Pre-wash treatments can reduce shedding and pilling. Most styles are machine washable but air drying is safest. Check the tag!

To choose the most flattering, useful Sherpa for you, consider when, where and how you’ll wear it most. For versatility, opt for a medium-large size in solid navy, charcoal, black or gray with self-trimmed edges. Choose a mid-weight polyester Sherpa that’s easy to care for and suits your climate.

For a decorative style, look for muted ombré dips or subtle prints with fringe or tassel details. A faux fur texture adds luxury for dressier occasions. For bold patterns, keep the palette muted.

Plaids and Southwestern motifs make rustic weekend-wear Sherpas, while ethnic patterns like Navajo designs feel globally inspired. Let your personal style lead the way to your perfect Sherpa match!

The Best Sherpa Blanket Scarves to Try

To give you insider tips, here are my top 5 Sherpa blanket scarf recommendations along with their key features:

1. Chunky Oversized Solid Sherpa

  • Ultra thick and dense for maximum warmth
  • Generously oversized – up to 80″ long to wrap whole body
  • Soft, fluffy texture – ultimate in coziness
  • Range of versatile neutral and jewel tones
  • High quality polyester takes repeated wear and washing
  • Best for Really cold climates and keeping extra toasty

Cons: Bulky; can be too warm for mild weather

2. Reversible Patterned Sherpa

  • Oversized scarf with 2 different stylish prints on each side
  • Provides 2 diverse looks in one for added value
  • Lighter-weight fabric offers warmth without bulk
  • Great for coordinating with outfits and moods
  • Easy to care for cotton/poly blend
  • Best for Print lovers who want 2 fun looks in one scarf

Cons: Prints limit versatility for some

3. Ombré Dip-Dyed Fringe Sherpa

  • Made of super soft “vegan wool” polyester
  • Dual ombré look with color transitions from dip-dyeing
  • Long side fringe adds stylish texture
  • Unique color combinations like burgundy to pink or gray to blue
  • Medium weight and size make it very versatile
  • Best for Making an eye-catching style statement with dip-dyed ombré fringe

Cons: Hand wash only; fringe may snag

4. Plaid Sherpa with Pocket

  • Classic plaid print pattern in muted fall colors
  • Has handy front pocket to hold phone, glasses, gloves, etc.
  • Made of easy-care polyester/cotton blend
  • Medium-large size drapes nicely around shoulders
  • Soft medium warmth – great for brisk fall weather
  • Best for Taking your favorite plaid blanket scarf up a notch with a practical pocket

Cons: Pocket may bulge; plaid print not reversible

5. Faux Fur Sherpa

  • Uses a long shaggy polyester pile to emulate fur
  • Super silky soft and luxurious hand feel
  • Gorgeous for dressing up yet still versatile
  • Carefully colored in elegant neutral and pastel shades
  • Dry clean only, so best for special occasion use
  • Best for Making a seriously glam statement for a night out or event

Cons: Delicate dry clean only fabric

I hope these 5 Sherpa style recommendations give you ideas and inspiration! Whatever your personal preferences, there is a wonderfully warm and stylish Sherpa blanket scarf out there for you.

FAQs About Sherpa Blanket Scarves

Sherpa scarves are easy to wear but questions can come up about properly caring for them. Here are answers to some frequently asked Sherpa blanket scarf questions:

How do you wash a Sherpa blanket scarf?

Check the tag, but most can be machine washed cold and air dried. Use a gentle detergent, wash colors separately, and avoid fabric softener to prevent residue.

Can Sherpa scarves go in the dryer?

It’s best to air dry Sherpa scarves flat to prevent shrinking or pilling. Tumble drying, even on low, can damage the delicate fibers over time.

How do you keep a Sherpa blanket scarf soft?

Avoid overwashing, commercial fabric softeners and heat styling. Use a gentle detergent and cold water. To restore loft, shake vigorously after air drying. A silicone-based softener can be used sparingly.

What is the difference between fleece and Sherpa?

Sherpa has a thicker, fluffier pile that resembles wool shearling. Fleece is thinner, smooth faced, lightweight and more breathable. Sherpa is warmer and silkier.

What is a Sherpa blanket scarf lined with?

Most have a 100% polyester Sherpa pile. Some are cotton/poly blends. Silk/cashmere Sherpas are luxury! The backing is usually plain weave polyester in coordinating colors.

Are Sherpa blanket scarves warm?

Yes, Sherpa fabric provides plenty of warmth for cold weather despite its lightweight feel. The large wrap size allows more coverage.

What colors are best for Sherpa blanket scarves?

Solid neutrals like black, gray, navy and ivory offer maximum versatility. But don’t be afraid of colors and prints you love – just aim for muted palettes over brights.

Can you wear a Sherpa blanket scarf in summer?

Their lightweight fabric makes Sherpa scarves suitable for year-round use. In warm months, simply don’t wrap as tightly. The fabric breathes well.

What outfits can you wear a Sherpa scarf with?

Sherpas complement casual everyday looks like jeans, leggings, boots and sweaters. They also dress up coats and jackets.

How do you tie a blanket scarf?

There are many stylish ways to wrap them – around the neck, draped around shoulders, crisscrossed, etc. Tie a knot for security or use shawl pins. Have fun and get creative!

Hopefully these tips have answered your main questions about fabulous fuzzy Sherpa scarves. Time to get cozy!

Stay Snuggly Yet Stylish with Your Own Sherpa Blanket Scarf

A blanket scarf made of soft, insulating Sherpa fabric is one of the easiest ways to stay warm while looking fashionable and put together. The right oversized Sherpa, whether a solid neutral or fun printed style, makes a fabulous cold weather wardrobe addition.

When shopping, consider how you’ll wear your Sherpa scarf most – casually around town, outdoors, under coats, in the office, or for evenings out? This guide highlighted the many options and how to select the perfect one for your needs.

I hope these Sherpa buying tips, trendy style recommendations, and advice on tying, caring for and washing this winterwear staple have you excited to get your own. Stay cozy and chic all season by wrapping yourself in the comfort and style of a luxuriously large Sherpa blanket scarf!