Keep Your Kids’ Hands Warm and Happy with the Best Winter Mittens

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Winter is coming, and it’s time to get your kids ready with the warmest, coziest mittens out there! Finding the right pair of mittens may seem simple, but there are a few key factors to consider to ensure your child’s hands stay toasty and comfortable all season long. In this blog post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about choosing the best mittens for your kids, from fit and insulation to special features and style.

We’ll also recommend our top 5 favorite mittens that check all the boxes for quality, warmth, and fun. With the right mittens, your kids will be excited to head out and play in the cold and snow. So let’s get started – here’s your guide to picking out the perfect winter mittens for kids!

Key Factors in Choosing Mittens for Kids

When it comes to keeping kids’ hands warm and protected, fit is number one. You want a snug fit without restricting movement. Measure your child’s hand against a sizing chart and allow a little room for growing. Some mittens come with adjustable wrist straps to help achieve the right close fit.

Another key consideration is warmth. Look for mittens made with insulation like PrimaLoft or fleece lining. 2-3mm of insulation thickness is good for most winter climates. Wind and water resistant outer materials add extra protection from the elements.

You’ll also want to think about dexterity. Mittens that fully separate the thumb and index finger allow more dexterity for activities like building snowmen over traditional one-piece mittens. But mittens do provide more all-around warmth than gloves.

For mittens to last through repeated winter wear and play, durability is a must. Seek out mittens with reinforced palms, strong stitching and easy grab loops for pulling them on. Being machine washable is a bonus for fighting stains!

And of course, you want mittens your kids will be excited to wear. Choose colorful, playful patterns and designs they’ll love. Having some style options makes it easier to convince them to keep those mittens on!

Setting a realistic budget is also part of choosing the best mittens. You can find quality kids’ mittens in the $15-$30 range, or $10-$15 if you really need to save. Higher end winter brands can cost $40 and up, but may offer perks like better insulation and waterproofing.

With the right pair that fits well, keeps hands toasty and looks fun, your kids will be good to go for snowmen, sledding and more winter fun!

Top 5 Recommended Mittens for Kids

After lots of research and testing, we’re excited to recommend our top mittens picks for keeping kids’ hands warm this winter. These top-rated options check off all the boxes for fit, insulation, weather protection and durability. And with fun colors, patterns and design details, your kids will love wearing them.

Let’s dive into the details on each pair!

Hestra Little Heli Mittens

The Hestra Little Heli Mittens top our list for quality and warmth. Hestra is a renowned cold weather gear brand from Sweden. These mittens live up to their wintry reputation.

They come in a wide range of sizing options for the perfect fit. Measure your child’s hand against Hestra’s detailed size chart. Many reviewers say these run a little large.

Made with waterproof polyamide and lined with 3M Thinsulate insulation, the Little Heli Mittens provide serious warmth and weather protection. The insulation is removable so you can adjust the thickness.

Separated index fingers and thumbs allow good dexterity for your child’s age. Elastic wrist straps and soft inner wrists help seal in warmth.

For style, choose between bold solid colors or fun prints like pink camo, plaid and polka dots. Reflective details help with visibility.

At around $40, these are an investment. But customers overwhelmingly say the quality, durability and warmth make them well worth the cost.

Overall, the Hestra Little Heli Mittens deliver on all fronts – warmth, weather protection, fit and durability. Made by a trusted winter gear company, they’re built to last through years of play. If you’re looking for top performance mittens, these are hard to beat!

Carhartt Kids’ Insulated Mittens

For top quality kids’ mittens on a budget, Carhartt can’t be beat. The Carhartt Insulated Mittens offer warmth and durability at an affordable price point.

With wool blend lining and 3M Thinsulate insulation, these mittens will keep hands toasty down to 10°F. The polyester shell resists water so hands stay dry.

The mittens fit as expected based on Carhartt’s sizing chart. Many reviewers mention the mittens running large, so sizing down may work best.

While not full gloves, these do have separated index fingers and thumbs for better dexterity. The palms have reinforced padding for grip and durability.

Choose from classic colors like black, brown and green. Carhartt’s signature duck canvas wrist tabs add style.

Priced under $20, these mittens give you great value for money. They may not be as warm or waterproof as premium brands, but deliver on warmth, quality and price.

Overall, the Carhartt Insulated Mittens are a top choice if you want quality winter mittens without breaking the bank. Carhartt’s trusted reputation for durable gear makes these a great pick.

Zkano Kids’ Thinsulate Waterproof Winter Mittens

For mittens that can stand up to the snowiest, wettest winter weather, Zkano Waterproof Mittens are a top pick.

Made with 3M Thinsulate insulation and waterproof TPU material, these mittens offer maximum weather protection. Both the shell and lining are waterproof, not just coated.

They run true to size based on Zkano’s sizing chart. A wide range accommodates hand sizes from toddler to youth. Adjustable wrist straps help achieve a snug fit.

These mittens allow good dexterity with separated index fingers and thumbs. The fleece lining keeps hands soft and warm. Reflective piping adds visibility.

Fun solid colors and patterns like polka dots and neon camo means there’s a style to suit every kid.

At around $25, they deliver serious weather protection at a reasonable price. Some reviewers found sizing tricky, so consult the size chart carefully.

If you live in a wet, heavy snow climate, the Zkano Waterproof Mittens are one of your best bets for keeping hands warm and dry all winter long.

Icebug Kids’ Olvi Mitten

For superior warmth and grip in icy conditions, consider the Icebug Olvi Mittens.

The outer shell is made of water-resistant Burlight fabric. Insulation comes from a brushed fleece lining and 3M Thinsulate layer. Together these materials provide excellent warmth.

Grippy rubber palms and fingers provide traction on icy surfaces. Kids can build snowmen and throw snowballs without slipping.

The mittens allow for good dexterity with separate index fingers and thumbs. There are also reflective details for visibility.

Sizing runs quite large, so consult Icebug’s size chart and consider sizing down. The mittens may not be as waterproof as rubber or TPU material.

Priced around $30, they cost a bit more but deliver that extra winter traction. Go for black, purple, pink or blue colors.

For the kid who loves sledding and snowball fights, the grippy Icebug Olvi Mitten lets them play safely even on icy days. The warmth and visibility features are bonuses!

Lands’ End Squall Winter Mittens

For a classic mitten at an affordable price, Lands’ End Squall Mittens are a long-time favorite.

These mittens feature a windproof, water-resistant nylon shell over a warm polyester sherpa lining. They seal out wind and light moisture well.

Sizing runs large, so consult Lands’ End sizing and consider sizing down, especially for younger kids. There’s a wide range of sizes.

For dexterity, they have separated thumbs and forefingers. The nylon shell resists wear and stains, while the palm is grippy.

Choose between solid colors like blue, black and purple. At around $20, they offer great value.

Some reviewers note issues with prolonged wetness and warmth compared to higher end brands. But overall, most agree these deliver good winter protection, especially for the price.

These Lands’ End mittens have been a favorite of parents for years thanks to their affordable price, quality materials and trusted brand. For general snow play, they’re a reliable choice that’s easy on your wallet.

Tips for Getting the Right Fit with Kids’ Mittens

Getting the right snug (but not too snug) fit is key to keeping kids’ hands properly warm with mittens. Here are some useful tips for fitting mittens successfully:

  • Try mittens on in the store if possible. This allows you to judge fit and flexibility best.
  • Carefully measure your child’s hand size and match it against the mittens’ sizing chart. Charts vary, so consult each brand.
  • Look for adjustment features like wrist straps and cinch cords that customize the fit.
  • Make sure mittens aren’t too tight. Kids should be able to freely wiggle their fingers inside.
  • Allow a little extra room in the length to accommodate hand growth during winter months.
  • Try thicker mittens paired with thinner glove liners if in-between sizes.

Getting the fit right may take some trial and error. But taking the time upfront means your kids’ hands will stay warmer and more comfortable all winter long.

Caring for Kids’ Mittens

Investing in a quality pair of mittens only goes so far if you don’t properly care for them. Here are some tips for keeping kids’ mittens in great condition:

  • Follow the brand’s instructions for washing. Some can go in the washing machine, while others need handwashing.
  • Air dry mittens instead of putting them in the dryer to avoid damage from heat. Lay flat or hang to dry.
  • Washing mittens early in the winter season helps waterproofing last longer. Refreshing water protection spray can help too.
  • Store mittens flat in a dry place so they hold their shape when not being worn. Don’t ball up.
  • Check mittens for damage after each wear and repair as needed. Small tears can lead to bigger holes.
  • Consider inexpensive backups so you can swap out for drying if mittens get soaked during play.

With proper care and storage, your kids’ mittens will last for many winters to come! Teaching kids to take care of their mittens will also help instill these good habits.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kids’ Mittens

Q: Are mittens or gloves better for kids?

Mittens provide more all-around warmth by keeping fingers together. But gloves allow more dexterity for activities like zipping coats and tying shoes. Mittens work better for younger kids, while older kids may appreciate gloves more as their motor skills develop.

Q: How thick should children’s winter mittens be?

The insulation thickness needed depends on your climate. For most regions, around 2-3mm of synthetic insulation offers good warmth without bulk. Areas with more extreme cold may require 5mm+ insulation. Look for insulation types like PrimaLoft, Thinsulate or fleece lining.

Q: How can I get my kids to actually keep their mittens on?

Look for fun patterns and colors they’re excited to wear. Having multiple pairs means you can bribe with their favorite mittens. Explain how mittens keep their hands toasty and protect their skin. And tuck an extra pair into your coat as backups for when mittens inevitably come off!

Q: What materials are best for warm, durable kids’ mittens?

The warmest mittens combine an exterior water and wind resistant layer with an interior insulation lining. Good outer materials include nylon, polyester or TPU. Fleece, wool blends or PrimaLoft provide insulation. Leather or rubberized palms add grip and reinforcement.

Q: How much should I spend on mittens for children?

You can find quality kids’ mittens in the $15-$30 range from reputable brands. For tighter budgets, around $10-$15 gets good basic mittens. Higher end winter brands can cost $40+ but may offer perks like better weatherproofing and insulation.

Wrap Up

Finding the perfect mittens helps ensure your kids’ hands stay warm and comfortable when playing in the snow. Look for the right combination of snug fit, weather protection, insulation, dexterity and fun style they’ll love. Treating mittens with care also boosts their longevity.

We hope our tips help you choose fantastic mittens your kids will excitedly wear winter after winter. Let us know if you have any other great mittens to recommend! Wishing you many winters of snow-filled fun ahead. Stay warm out there!