Finding Your Perfect Scent – A Review of the Top 5 Ellwood Fragrances

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Welcome to the world of Ellwood, where sensuality and luxury meet in bottled form. As one of the most prestigious French perfume houses, Ellwood has been crafting intimate fragrances since the 1920s. Their perfumes evoke passion and desire through exotic ingredients and seductive blending.

In this article, we’ll explore Ellwood’s 5 best-selling fragrances. These exquisite scents have achieved icon status in the fragrance world. We’ll also share tips on how to choose your signature Ellwood perfume. By the end, you’ll hopefully discover your perfect match from this iconic perfume house!

Oasis – The #1 Best-Selling Ellwood Fragrance

Oasis has consistently ranked as Ellwood’s top-selling fragrance, and for good reason! This floral woody musk perfume is pure bottled sex appeal. One whiff conjures up images of a sultry oasis under the desert night sky.

Top notes of mandarin orange and peach provide an electric opening. The juicy fruits evoke warm nights filled with passion. Lily of the valley emerges in the heart notes, adding a touch of floral innocence. Jasmine sambac, the Arabian “queen of the night,” casts a spell of seduction. Finally, base notes of sandalwood, musk, and vanilla add lasting depth and sensuality.

Oasis was inspired by an Egyptian love poem discovered in the 1920s. The poem describes a tryst between two lovers at a desert oasis. “Under the palms, neath the stars bright, in your arms I lose myself in the night.” Ellwood perfectly captured this romance with Oasis.

This perfume is bold yet smooth, exotic yet familiar. Both men and women adore Oasis for evenings out or special rendezvous. The bottle features cobalt blue glass in a graceful amphora shape. Oasis conveys a sophisticated but uninhibited allure. No wonder it’s Ellwood’s signature scent of desire. Just one spritz leaves you feeling mysteriously sexy.

Midnight Shimmer – The Most Seductive Ellwood Fragrance

Craving an irresistible scent with bewitching sex appeal? Reach for Midnight Shimmer. Ellwood launched this perfume in the 1970s amidst the sensual disco era. It quickly gained notoriety as the “come hither” perfume. One whiff explains why – this fragrance drips with temptation.

Right from the top notes, Midnight Shimmer casts a spell. Blackcurrant, rosemary, and bergamot provide an electrifying opening. The heart features an aphrodisiac trio of jasmine, nutmeg, and honey. Finally, base notes like patchouli, amber, and vanilla add lasting sultriness.

Everything about Midnight Shimmer screams hedonism. From the provocative midnight blue bottle to the risqué marketing, this is an unapologetic seduction potion. Spritz it on for adventurous evenings filled with abandon. The shimmering aura pulls everyone in closer, intriguing potential lovers. Yet the smooth woodiness adds a touch of mystique. Midnight Shimmer reveals your desires without giving everything away just yet.

Women especially adore this spicy oriental perfume before big nights out. But it’s equally intoxicating on men looking to amplify their animal magnetism. Just don’t overdo it – a little Midnight Shimmer goes a long way. It clings for hours, ensuring your scent trail lingers behind you. A perfect choice when you’re in the mood for something a bit naughty.

Moonlight Sonata – Ellwood’s Most Timeless Fragrance

Some fragrances shine brightly before fading away. But Moonlight Sonata by Ellwood endures as a true classic. For nearly a century, this floral woody musk has romanced women and men alike. It’s elegant but approachable, providing a sensual backdrop for countless rendezvous and romances.

Sparkling bergamot, neroli, and green leaves launch Moonlight Sonata with zest and verve. Jasmine, ylang-ylang, and orange blossom form the alluring heart. Finally, base notes of cedar, ambergris, and musk add staying power.

Reminiscent of moonlit walks in flower gardens, this scent feels both innocent and intimate. The iconic midnight blue bottle, inspired by Chopin’s famous sonata, adds vintage allure. Moonlight Sonata conjures up nostalgia for old-world romance.

While trends come and go, Moonlight Sonata endures as a sophisticated favorite. It transitions seamlessly from day to night. A few dabs in the morning provides understated elegance at the office. Reapplied later, it becomes your evening companion for candlelit dinners or moonlit strolls. Both women and men appreciate this versatile classic.

In a world of fleeting fads, Moonlight Sonata remains one of Ellwood’s steadiest sellers. There’s good reason it’s endured decade after decade. This timeless fragrance will never go out of style.

Daydream – Ellwood’s Most Popular Daywear Fragrance

For luxurious daytime allure, pick up a bottle of Daydream by Ellwood. As one of their most coveted day fragrances, Daydream elevates your elegance from sunrise to sunset. It’s designed as the perfect morning companion.

Uplifting citrus notes of Italian bergamot, mandarin, and neroli provide a bright opening. Jasmine, magnolia, and lily-of-the-valley form the floral heart. Then clean notes of sandalwood, musk, and cedar add staying power without heaviness.

Everything about Daydream evokes optimism and sunshine. It’s a crisp white shirt and silky blouse in scent form. The pale blue Art Deco-inspired bottle adds to the youthful refinement. Spritz it on heading into a day of possibilities.

While flirty, Daydream maintains professionalism for the office or daytime events. Both men and women appreciate this lively citrus floral scent. It projects class and confidence when you want to feel dressed up but not overpowering.

As the afternoon approaches, you may want to reapply Daydream to revive your freshness. It continues providing an alluring but understated presence into the evening. Daydream ensures you’re prepared for whatever the day brings your way.

Bohemian Spice – Ellwood’s Most Unique Unisex Fragrance

Those longing to break free from one-note fragrances need to meet Bohemian Spice. This daring oriental woody perfume pushes boundaries with its eclectic blend. Exotic spices, resins, vanilla, and woods provide an unforgettable multi-faceted experience.

Bohemian Spice opens with a burst of fresh bergamot, lemon, and pink pepper. Then, the spices emerge. Cardamom, cloves, and saffron add warmth and intrigue. Finally, base notes of oud, rum, cedar, and vanilla ground the scent in sensuality.

The overall effect is bold, rebellious and free-spirited. Bohemian Spice perfectly captures the nonconformist spirit embodied by artists, poets and dreamers throughout history. It marches to the beat of its own drum rather than following mainstream trends.

From the eclectic apothecary-style bottle to the genderfluid marketing, Bohemian Spice courts controversy and creativity. Both men and women adore wearing this statement perfume. It suits those with a bit of a bohemian soul who relish standing out from the crowd.

Bohemian Spice is not for the demure or faint of heart. Embrace your inner iconoclast by wearing this daring oriental elixir. Let its unforgettable sillage announce your arrival wherever you go.

How to Find Your Signature Ellwood Fragrance

You’ve smelled the sublime top sellers, but how to choose just one Ellwood perfume to perfectly express your essence? With such artistry in each fragrance, it can be overwhelming to pick your signature scent.

Follow this guide to find the Ellwood perfume that captures your spirit:

Consider the Fragrance Family

Ellwood creates sensational scents across four families:

  • Floral – Feminine and romantic with notes like rose, jasmine, lily.
  • Oriental – Decadent and exotic, often spicy, with notes like amber, vanilla, woods.
  • Woody or Chypre – Sophisticated wood notes like cedar and sandalwood alongside spices, citrus, oakmoss.
  • Fresh – Bright, uplifting citrus, green notes like bergamot, neroli, bamboo.

Determine which fragrance family most aligns with your personality and preferences. For example, floral fragrances suit romantic optimists, while woody scents appeal to confident trailblazers.

Think About the Occasion

Consider when and where you’ll wear your signature scent most often. For example:

  • Daywear fragrances for the office or daytime socializing.
  • Night-out perfumes for evenings of adventure and seduction.
  • Seasonal scents for occasions in spring, summer, fall and winter.
  • Weekend or vacation fragrances to compliment leisure and relaxation.

Spritz Testers on Skin

Never judge a perfume by the bottle alone! When sampling, spray testers on pulse points like wrists, elbows, or décolletage. The perfume unfolds differently on skin than on paper strips. Try 2-3 testers per visit and take your time evaluating.

Wait 15 Minutes

Give each perfume time to develop on your skin before making any decisions. It takes at least 10-15 minutes for notes to warm up and reveal their full splendor. Be patient and let the fragrance blossom.

Consider Top, Heart, and Base Notes

When sampling, pay attention to how the scent evolves:

  • Top notes – First impressions when spritzed
  • Heart notes – Middle stage as perfume unfolds
  • Base notes – Final lingering drydown on your skin

You want to enjoy each stage of the journey!

Try a Miniature or Sample First

Invest in a miniature bottle or request fragrance samples to test a new perfume at home. Experience how it wears through a full day before purchasing a big bottle.

Pick the Strength Carefully

Ellwood offers each scent in Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette. EDPs last longer and project more. EDTs are lighter and more subtle. Consider your personal preference and occasions.

Choosing your signature Ellwood fragrance is a sensual adventure. With so many exquisite options, take your time and find the one that steals your heart. Soon you’ll discover the Ellwood perfume that reveals your essence and memories in scent form.

Ellwood Fragrance FAQs

We hope our reviews have helped illuminate Ellwood’s decadent world of luxury scents. As you embark on finding your perfect perfume, here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How long do Ellwood fragrances last?

As high-quality French perfumes, Ellwood fragrances typically last 6-8 hours or more. Eau de Parfum will last longer (8+ hours) compared to Eau de Toilette (6-8 hours). Reapply as desired to refresh the scent.

What’s the best way to apply Ellwood perfume?

Apply to pulse points like the wrists, sides of neck, behind ears, or décolletage. Moisturize skin first for best absorption. Spritz from 6-10 inches away and avoid rubbing wrists together to avoid crushing top notes.

How should I store Ellwood fragrances?

Store them away from direct heat, sunlight and humidity to preserve the precious oils. Keeping them in the original boxes is ideal. Refrigeration can help prolong their lifespan over many years.

When should I apply Ellwood perfume?

Apply either right after bathing and moisturizing or before heading out the door. Morning application helps perfumes last longer. Reapply as desired throughout your day or evening.

How often should I reapply during the day/night?

Reapplication often enhances enjoyment! Reapply every 6-8 hours or whenever you notice the scent fading. For evenings out, consider refreshing halfway through the night.

What affects how long fragrance lasts?

Factors like body chemistry, weather, activities, and fragrance concentration impact longevity. Warmer climates, humidity, and sweat can all shorten a scent’s lifecycle. Moisturizing skin boosts longevity.

We hope these tips empower you to unleash your inner seductress or seducer through the transcendent world of Ellwood. Their master perfumers have bottled desire in scent form across nearly a century. Now it’s time to find the one that speaks to your spirit. Happy sampling!