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The right fragrance can make you feel invigorated, relaxed, or transported to a tropical getaway – but with the endless options out there, how do you find your perfect scent? Enter Wakely’s collection of luxurious body mists that envelop you in delicate fragrance while nourishing your skin.

Let’s spritz away stress and welcome in uplifting aromas! Body mists provide a lighter, airier alternative to perfumes that you can reapply as needed. Misting your skin and clothes with these irresistible fragrances allows you to switch up your scent from morning to night.

In this post, we’ll explore Wakely’s top 5 best-selling body mists, tips for choosing your ideal fragrance, and frequently asked questions to guide you to your new signature scent. Ready to find the body mist that makes you feel oh-so-fabulous? Let’s get misting!

Top 5 Wakely Body Mists

Wakely Lemon Verbena Body Mist

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and escape to a herb garden tucked away in the Italian countryside. Crisp, dewy leaves of lemon verbena mingle with juicy neroli and smooth green tea for a bright, uplifting herbal scent.

One spritz of this citrusy body mist is like a mini getaway, transporting you to lush greenery and invigorating botanicals. It’s a lightweight formula infused with hydrating aloe vera to leave skin feeling soft and nourished, never sticky.

This refreshing mist is ideal for daytime spritzing when you need an instant ray of sunshine. Keep it by your desk for an afternoon pick-me-up or mist it before heading out to energize you with verbena’s magical zing. It beautifully sets the tone for a productive morning and blends beautifully with your perfume.

Wakely Coconut Lime Body Mist

Trade your heels for flip flops and envision your toes sinking into soft sand as you bask under palm trees. Wakely brings the tropics to you with sultry notes of coconut, zesty lime, and floral tiare.

One spritz instantly whisks you away to an exotic island getaway – no plane ticket required! This sweet, beachy body mist is a soothing treat for sun-kissed skin thanks to nourishing coconut oil and cooling aloe vera. Go ahead and spritz generously after a day at the beach!

A subtle kiss of shimmer provides the perfect sunkissed glow while deliciously gourmand coconut keeps you smelling like vacation even after you get home. Mist on this island escape before bedtime and let the relaxing coconut-lime scent transport you to paradise.

Wakely Pink Grapefruit Body Mist

Wake up your senses with the sweet-tart pop of pink grapefruit dancing among soft peony petals, rose blossoms, and wisps of freesia. It’s an effervescent, flirty scent that romances your skin with vitamin C-rich antioxidants and firms with collagen-boosting peptides.

This playful body mist begs to be shaken up and spritzed liberally when you’re craving a burst of zesty citrus. It’s utterly uplifting on groggy mornings yet still sophisticated enough for date nights. The fine mist atomizer ensures a light, even application that lifts your mood without overwhelming.

Allow the juicy grapefruit and shimmering florals to energize your daily routine while treating your skin to nourishing hydration. Spray it on post-shower for a radiant glow or mist into the air and walk through the delicate mist. Wherever this sweet citrus travels, compliments are sure to follow!

Wakely Lavender Vanilla Body Mist

As the sun begins to set, slow down and savor some self-care with this soothing blend of French lavender and Madagascar vanilla. Subtle yet intoxicating, this pillow-soft body mist melts away daily stress.

Wispy vanilla bean plays off therelaxing herbaceous qualities of lavender to create a comforting, powdery scent. This restorative formula helps calm the mind and nerves before bedtime while chamomile and passionflower extract relax the body from top to toe.

Keep this body mist on your nightstand to lightly spritz on sheets, slippers, and skin for a ritual as calming as a cup of chamomile tea. The soothing lavender-vanilla bouquet sets the stage for a good night’s sleep. Even just a modest spritz in your hands and gentle inhalation starts your relaxation routine.

Wakely Pear Blossom Body Mist

Find delight in the little luxuries of life with this charming melody of ripe pear, delicate white florals, and soft musk. Juicy pear nectar blends beautifully with wispy traces of lily, peony, and jasmine petals. It’s fruity, floral, and oh so feminine.

This versatile body mist complements any occasion, from starting your day refreshed to unwinding each evening. The oil-free, quick-drying formula ensures your skin feels pampered, never sticky. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let the beautiful bouquet stir your senses.

A spritz on your décolletage blooms into a sillage of fruity-floral notes that elicits compliments wherever life takes you. Treat yourself to this radiant body mist whenever you need a reminder to pause and appreciate life’s simple pleasures.

How to Choose a Wakely Body Mist

With so many tempting fragrances, how do you choose your signature body mist? Here are helpful tips for finding your perfect match.

Consider Your Favorite Fragrance Families

Do you tend to gravitate towards fruity scents, breath-taking florals, warming gourmands? Determine which fragrance families appeal most to your nose before browsing body mists.

Citrus, berry, and fruit options deliver feel-good energy and zest. Floral body mists evoke feminine sophistication. Vanilla and coconut offer comforting sweetness. Test out scent strips at stores and get to know your preferences.

Think About When You’ll Use It

Sunny citrus and fruity mists are ideal morning wake-up calls. Unwind after work with calming lavender or romantic florals.

Need an instant getaway? Choose a tropical body mist for whisking away to the tropics. Planning a special night out? An alluring blend of florals and musk sets the mood.

Consider Added Skincare Benefits

Look beyond just fragrance. Many body mists also nourish skin with oils, aloe vera, antioxidants and more. Lightweight gel-mists are refreshing while creamier oils provide more hydration.

Soothing chamomile, passionflower and lavender relax and calm. Grapefruit and pear mists deliver an antioxidant vitamin C boost. Coconut oil provides deep moisturization.

Subtle shimmer mists give skin a flattering glow. Choose your added benefits based on your skin’s needs.

Determine Format Based on Use

How and where you’ll apply the mist impacts which format works best. Ultra-fine mists are perfect for easy, all-over body spritzing post-shower. They absorb rapidly without feeling sticky.

For targeting specific spots like wrists and décolletage, consider creamier spray formats. These work beautifully for layering with perfume.

Portable rollerball formats make scent application a breeze while you’re on-the-go. Toss one in your bag for anytime refreshment.

Read Reviews from Other Users

Seek out honest reviews to learn how the scent wears throughout the day and how it interacts with different users’ body chemistry. This helps give you an idea of how it may work for you.

Pay attention to longevity, sillage, and overall enjoyment mentioned in reviews. Seek out potential issues like stickiness or overpowering scents on certain skin types. Reviews provide added insight beyond just a product description.

Let’s explore some frequently asked questions about body mists below.

FAQs About Wakely Body Mists

Q: How long does the scent of Wakely body mists last?

A: As body mists are lighter fragrances, you can expect them to last around 4 to 6 hours with subtle sillage. Frequent reapplication throughout the day prolongs the scent.

Using unscented body lotion underneath helps the fragrance cling to skin longer too. But the great thing about mists is you can refresh with a quick spritz whenever you want!

Q: Where should you apply a body mist?

A: For best results, spray body mists onto cleansed skin. The optimal pulse points are wrists, neck, décolletage, and creases of elbows and knees. You can also lightly mist over clothing if desired.

Avoid spraying directly on your face and over-rubbing after application, as this can diminish the silage. Reapply as needed when you notice the scent fading.

Q: Is it ok to layer body mist with perfume?

A: Definitely! Layering body mist with perfume is a great way to enhance your signature scent. Apply your favorite perfume as usual to pulse points first.

Once it has dried down for a few minutes, mist the body spray higher up on your wrists, neck, and décolletage. This beautifully blooms the perfume’s scent and longevity.

Q: How do the shimmer mists work? Are they sparkly?

A: Wakely’s shimmer mists contain ultra-finely milled mineral powder that imparts a subtle glow to skin – more of a soft-focus satin finish rather than glittery sparkle.

The lightweight pearlescent minerals instantly blend out when misted on skin. You can layer the mist to build radiance, but it stays smooth, never gritty.

Q: Do the body mists stain or damage clothing?

A: The mists are formulated to fully absorb into skin without staining fabrics. However, it’s still best to play it safe and apply to your skin first, allowing it to completely dry before dressing.

Start with 2-3 light spritzes if concerned about potential staining with lighter fabrics. Any product residue should come out with gentle laundering if it accidentally transfers to clothing.

Q: Can body mists be used on hair?

A: Yes! Misting your hair is a great way to lightly scent it while adding shine. Avoid over-saturating your roots and focus application more on your ends and underneath sections.

Since body mists are fragrance products, err on the lighter side. You want a subtle scent, not visibly wet hair.

Q: What is the difference between body sprays and body mists?

A: Body sprays tend to deliver a stronger, longer-lasting fragrance than mists and contain a higher alcohol content. The lighter formulas of mists mean you’ll need to reapply more often.

However, mists contain more beneficial skincare ingredients that hydrate and nourish skin. It comes down to personal preference and desired wear time.

Q: How should you store Wakely body mists?

A: To extend the lifespan of your body mist, store it in a cool and dry place away from direct heat, light, and humidity. Keep the cap tightly closed and don’t tamper with the nozzle to avoid accidental leaks.

Avoid extreme temperatures like hot cars or freezing conditions. With proper storage, the scent should remain fresh for over a year.

Q: Are Wakely mists safe for sensitive skin?

A: Wakely body mists are specially formulated to be hypoallergenic and free of common irritants. However, always do a patch test by spraying a small amount on your inner wrist first.

If you have known sensitivities to botanical oils, extracts or fragrances, it’s best to check all ingredients or avoid the product. Discontinue use if any irritation occurs.


We hope this overview of Wakely’s luxurious body mists has you ready to treat yourself to a signature scent that speaks to your spirit. Whether you seek to relax, invigorate your mood, or whisk away to an exotic escape, there’s a body mist perfectly suited for every occasion and need.

Take time to pamper yourself by finding the ideal fragrance that makes you feel confident, beautiful, and refreshed. Visit our product pages to continue browsing Wakely’s boutique selection of body mists formulated with nourishment and wellbeing in mind.

Here’s to finding your perfect scent and falling in love with the sheer joy of misting! Let us know if you have any other questions – we’re always happy to help guide you to your new favorite fragrance.