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Have you browsed the jeans section of your favorite store lately, only to feel overwhelmed by the options? Gone are the days of just regular or boot-cut blue jeans – now we have everything from high rise to skinny to distressed to colored denim. It can be tough to find that perfect pair that is comfortable, flattering, stylish and versatile enough to wear on repeat. If you love the look of high rise skinny jeans, this blog post is here to help!

High rise skinny jeans refer to jeans that sit higher on your waist, usually right at or above your belly button, and are close fitting throughout the hips and legs. This style elongated your legs, smooths your shape, and lets you pair them with a wide range of tops from casual T-shirts to dressy blouses. Their popularity exploded in the late 2000s and they’ve been a staple fashion item ever since.

To help you navigate the sea of high rise skinny jeans out there, I’ve compiled the top 5 pairs based on criteria like fit, style, price and more. I’ll also give tips on how to choose the best ones for your unique body type and style. Let’s dive in!

The Top 5 High Rise Skinny Jeans

When ranking the top high rise skinny jeans out there, I looked at factors like the fit, fabric, wash, style options, price point and brand reputation. Based on these criteria, these rise to the top:

1. Levi’s 721 High Rise Skinny Jeans

You can’t go wrong with classic Levi’s, especially their 721 style which hits all the marks for great high rise skinny jeans. They come in a range of washes as well as distressed and colored options. The material is mostly cotton with some elastane for stretch. These are made to slim and elongate your shape, hugging close from waist to ankle. The waist hits right at the belly button for a leg lengthening high rise fit. While they are pricier than fast fashion brands, Levi’s quality means these will last for years.

2. Everlane The High-Rise Skinny Jean

For a super soft, stretchy pair, Everlane’s High-Rise Skinny Jean delivers. Made from premium Japanese stretch denim, these move with you while keeping their shape all day long thanks to the viscose fabrication. They have the perfect amount of whiskering and fading for a lived-in vibe. These jeans only come in a classic medium wash indigo, but they are versatile enough to dress up or down seamlessly. Everlane focuses on ethical factories and production, so you can feel good about sporting these skinnies.

3. Madewell The High Rise Skinny Jean

You’ll reach for Madewell’s High Rise Skinny Jean over and over again thanks to its flawless fit. These hit just above the belly button in front and offer ample stretch without feeling overly clingy. They are cut from lightweight yet structured denim that holds you in while feeling like you aren’t wearing jeans at all. Madewell has an extended size range so more body types can enjoy this classic high rise skinny look. Look for them in washes like lunar or nightsea for a cool weather-inspired look.

4. GAP High Rise True Skinny Jeans

GAP’s True Skinny Jeans offer an affordable option if you want a pair of high rise skinnies without breaking the bank. With an array of colors and finishes like black, white, striped and ankle length, you are bound to find a pair (or two!) you love. These have just enough elastane for flexibility while maintaining their denim structure. The front hits at the belly button while the back offers additional coverage. The price point makes these great for trendier washes you may only love for a season or two.

5. KUT from the Kloth Diana Faux Leather Skinny

For an edgy twist on the high rise skinny jean, you can’t go wrong with faux leather. KUT from the Kloth makes the Diana jean in a vegan leather fabric that has stretch and a polished matte finish. The fit is like your favorite second skin skinny jeans, hugging your hips and legs seamlessly. Pair with heels and a silky cami for a night out or add booties and an oversized sweater for daytime wear. The leather-look fabric instantly elevates any outfit with an of-the-moment vibe.

So there you have it – five top-notch choices for high rise skinny jeans spanning a range of prices and styles. Whether you love the look of classic denim, want a lived-in feel or crave edgy faux leather, these jeans deliver on fit, quality and style.

How to Choose the Best High Rise Skinny Jeans for You

Since we all have different body types, heights and style preferences, there are some things to keep in mind when shopping for those perfect high rise skinnies.

First, consider your body type. Curvy girls may want to look for styles with stretch that won’t gap at the waist. Athletic figures often do well with structured denim that doesn’t stretch out and bag at the knees. Petites should ensure the rise and length aren’t too long and overwhelm their frame. Keep your unique proportions in mind.

Next, pay attention to the actual fit when trying them on. The waist shouldn’t gap or pinch, and you don’t want lumps or bulges at the hips, thighs or rear. A too-small size will cut into your waist when seated. Take a few steps and do a squat test to ensure they move with you.

Check that the rise hits at the right spot – true high rise jeans should come to your belly button or just above. Where they hit affects how elongating the look is. Mid-rise versions don’t reap the same leg-lengthening magic.

Consider the stretch level, especially if you will be wearing them all day long. Jeans with 2-5% elastane will be the most comfortable. But higher stretch fabrics can bag out over time. So you may want stiffer denim for a more structured look.

Be mindful of inseam length. Make sure skinnies aren’t pooling on the ground or showing your ankles. Try both the regular and tall/long lengths to get the right fit for your height.

When it comes to wash and color, darker dyes are universally flattering and slimming. Lighter shades work for warmer weather or making long legs look even longer. Whites and patterns need more careful styling but can add interest. Splurge on colored and printed jeans only if you’ll get a lot of wear from them.

Fabric affects the fit too, with stretchier materials being more forgiving and denim lending more structure. Soft fabrics are ideal for comfort, while rigid denim works for a sucked-in look.

Finally, factor price into your decision. You can score inexpensive skinnies at fast fashion spots, but pricier designer brands use quality materials that maintain structure and shape wash after wash. Invest in timeless classics with extra dollars, and save on trendy styles.

High Rise Skinny Jeans FAQs

If you are new to high rise skinny jeans, chances are you have some questions about finding the right fit and maximizing their style potential. Here I answer some of the most frequently asked queries about this wardrobe staple:

How do you find jeans long enough for a tall figure? Look for tall, long or extra length styles that come in a 34″ or 36″ inseam to accommodate long legs. Levi’s, Lucky Brand and American Eagle all offer longer lengths. You can also shop the men’s section for longer inseams.

What can you do if there is gaping at the waist in high rise jeans? Make sure you are buying the right rise length for you – it should reach your belly button to prevent gaping. You may need to size down for a tighter fit at the waistband. Avoiding stretching or bending can also reduce waist gaping.

What shoes look best with high rise skinny jeans? Heels and wedges elongate the leg, while chunky sneakers add contrast. Pointed flats or loafers give off French girl chic vibes. Go for lighter shoes to balance dark denim. Avoid ankle straps or details that cut your leg off.

How do you find jeans with the right fit for a curvy body? Look for a curvy fit with extra room at the hips/bum, along with stretch fabrics with at least 2% elastane or spandex. Make sure the waistband is snug so they don’t slide down. A medium-high rise hits at the slimmest part of your waist.

Should you buy your high rise skinnies in your true size, or size up/down? In most cases, buying your normal size is best for denim unless you like a very tight fit. But each brand varies, so don’t be afraid to grab two sizes when trying them on. Size down for a structured look or up for a relaxed vibe.

How can you combat saggy knees in skinny jeans? Ensure you aren’t buying jeans with too much stretch which leads to bagging. Opt for structured, rigid denim instead of fabrics with high spandex content. Also avoid overstuffing pockets which stretches material over time.

Hopefully this answered some of your most pressing questions about the ever-trendy high rise skinny! With so many options out there, the most important thing is finding the perfect pair that accentuates your body the way you like.


High rise skinny jeans have certainly earned their fashion staple status. When chosen correctly, they can be incredibly flattering and versatile in your wardrobe rotation. The key is finding the right pair for your body type, style and budget.

Use this guide to narrow down your options, focus on fit and details when trying them on, and determine the right rise length, inseam and fabric for you. Keep your proportions and problem areas in mind. And be willing to splurge for quality over quantity when it comes to investment denim pieces.

The result will be that perfect go-to pair you want to wear on repeat. So get ready to elongate your legs, smooth your shape, and rock those high rise skinnies with