Find Your Perfect Pair: A Guide to Plus Size Jeans

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Jeans are the workhorse of any wardrobe. Finding that perfect pair you want to wear day after day can make getting dressed a breeze. But for plus size women, jeans shopping often proves tricky, frustrating, and makes you want to hide under the covers. Whether its gaping at the waist, squeezing thighs, or dragging hemlines, ill-fitting denim can be downright demoralizing.

The good news? The range of plus size jeans available today has never been better. Brands are expanding their size charts and designing jeans specifically to flatter curves. With the right pair, you can look and feel your absolute best. Read on as I cover the top plus size jeans dominating the market right now. I’ll also share expert tips for choosing jeans tailored to your shape and style needs. Let’s destress plus size denim shopping once and for all!

The Top 5 Plus Size Jeans Right Now

Flattering and comfortable plus size jeans do exist! Here are my top picks that check every box: stylish, body contouring, movable, confidence boosting. Any one of these options will have you excited to get dressed each morning.

Levi’s 721 High Rise Skinny Jeans

The inventor of jeans, Levi’s now offers an extensive plus size range so curvy girls can rock their iconic skinny jeans. The 721s feature a high rise silhouette, coming up right near your belly button for a smoothing effect. Rather than compressing, these jeans use stretchy fabric that sculpts your shape. Strategically placed seaming lifts the rear and streamlines the thighs and hips. The variety of wears – from dark rinses to light destroyed options – ensures endless outfit potential. Levi’s pays close attention to perfectly placed pockets that enhance your assets. The result? Skinny jeans that make you look and feel amazing.

Good American Good Legs Skinny Jeans

Co-founded by Khloe Kardashian, Good American jeans are designed by women for women with curves and all different body types in mind. The Good Legs skinny jeans are crafted of lightweight stretch material that lifts and contours every inch. The smoothing high waist hits at the narrowest part of your waist for a flawless fit. These jeans use advancedStretch Infinity fabric that sculpts your shape while feeling like you’re wearing leggings. Good American carries sizes 00-24 with multiple inseam options, so you can dial in on your custom perfect length.

NYDJ Ami Skinny Ankle Jeans

NYDJ uses innovative slimming technology and fabrics to create their signature flattering fits. Instead of squeezing you in, their jeans use smart darting and seaming to streamline your shape. The Ami skinny ankle jeans come in regular, petite and tall lengths ranging from sizes 00-24W. Made of soft premium denim with just the right dose of stretch, the jeans retain their crisp, molded structure all day without sagging. NYDJ is all about lifts and contours in just the right places. Say goodbye to mule toe, gaping or sagging.

ELOQUII Essential Stretch High Rise Skinny Jeans

Catering specifically to sizes 14-28, ELOQUII designs trend-forward plus size clothing that flatters. Their Essential Stretch skinny jeans quickly became bestsellers. The ultra high rise hits right at your natural waist, tucking everything in while elongating your legs. The stretch material hugs curves without causing bulges or rolls at the waistband and thighs. The fit through the hip and thigh is curvy yet tailored. Dark rinse options have a polished look perfect for both day and night. If you’re an hourglass shape, these jeans were truly made for you!

Torrid Bombshell Skinny Jeans

Known as the ultimate plus size style destination, Torrid creates curve-hugging, confidence boosting styles in sizes 10-30. Their skinny jeans are designed to hold you in while enhancing your shape. The Bombshell skinny jeans use lightweight fabrics that retain their stretch and structure wear after wear so they never lose their molding fit. The contoured waistband lies flat and won’t cause painful rolling or digging. The legs are fitted through the thigh and knee to create a long, lean silhouette. Torrid’s array of washes and distressing gives you plenty of options to mix and match these figure-flattering skinnies.

Now that your plus size denim options have exploded, how do you narrow down your search? The key is focusing on fit, fabric, construction – and understanding what works best for your unique shape. Follow this expert advice for jeans that highlight your curves in all the right ways.

How to Choose the Best Plus Size Jeans for Your Body

Plus size jeans shopping doesn’t have to be a confidence crushing chore. Follow these tips to find your dream pair that makes getting dressed each morning a delight.

Consider Your Individual Body Shape

The first step toward fantastic fitting jeans is getting familiar with your body’s unique proportions. Take an objective look in the mirror and determine if your shape skews:

  • Hourglass – defined waist with fuller bust and hips
  • Pear – wider through the hips with narrower shoulders
  • Athletic – straighter through the hips paired with a muscular build
  • Apple – broader shoulders and waist with more narrow hips

Once you identify your basic shape, you can look for jeans styles and silhouettes best suited for your body type.

Hourglass figures can play up their assets in a mid or high rise skinny jean. Look for styles with shape retaining stretch fabric that highlight the waist and hug the hips and thighs.

For athletic or straight shapes lacking a defined waist, a medium or high rise jean paired with a belt helps create the illusion of an hourglass. Seek out bootcut or straight leg cuts to add balance to your silhouette.

If you have a pear shape with fuller hips, go for a high rise skinny jean to showcase your waist. The narrower cut through the thigh helps balance out wider hips. Darker rinses and minimal distressing keep the focus up top.

Apple figures can create balance with a high rise or wide waistband hitting at the narrowest part of their waist. A bootcut opening balances out the upper and lower half.

Zone in on Fabric

Once you have your silhouette and style narrowed down, it’s time to focus on fabric. The composition of the denim makes all the difference in achieving a contoured fit.

Stretch is a must for comfort and mobility. Look for jeans with at least 2% spandex or elastane woven into the cotton. The higher the spandex percentage, the more the jeans will mold to your shape. Stretchy jeggings and pull on styles offer maximal flexibility and comfort.

Pay attention to fabrics that claim to lift, sculpt and slim targeted zones. Advanced stretch materials and compression fabrics contour to your curves while allowing a full range of motion. Look for tummy slimming and butt lifting descriptions.

For optimal comfort, seek out soft fabrics blended with natural fibers like Tencel that wick away moisture and regulate temperature. A soft feel with some wiggle room prevents pinching and rubbing.

Dial in On Rise, Length & Leg Shape

Finding your perfect rise is one of the most critical elements to fantastic fitting jeans. Styles sitting at your natural waist are universally flattering for plus size figures. A rise between 10-12 inches will hit near your belly button and prevent gapping while smoothening your midsection.

Avoid low rise jeans that sit below your curves. These lead to muffin tops and constant tugging and adjusting throughout wear. Distressed low rise styles also tend to draw the eye to any problem tummy areas, shortening your silhouette.

Look for jeans with a contoured waistband that smoothly hugs your midsection without painfully squeezing it. Curvy and skinny fits tailored to accentuate your hips and thighs help balance out a defined waist.

For leg shape, skinny and ankle jeans elongate the legs which helps balance out fuller hips and thighs. A bootcut balances curves on bottom and top halves while straight legs offer a classic, tailored look.

Wide leg jeans cinch the waist while draping over the thighs for an elongating effect. Trouser leg jeans have a sophisticated vibe ideal for the office or dressing up.

Accurately Measure Your Dimensions

Finding accurate size measurements is crucial for plus size jeans that fit well. Never rely solely on the size number. Instead, focus on these key measurements:

  • Waist – measure around your natural waistline near the belly button
  • Hips – measure around the widest part of your hips and rear
  • Thigh – wrap measuring tape an inch or two below crotch for fullest part
  • Inseam – measure from crotch to where you want jeans to hit

Armed with these four measurements, you can better compare sizing charts across brands and styles. Trying on a range of sizes helps you find the best match for your proportions. Sizing can vary greatly so don’t get hung up on a number.

Mind Design Details

Subtle design elements make a big difference in fit and enhancing your best assets. Pocket placement is key in lifting and rounding out your rear. Curvy fits minimize pocket gaping and keep them smooth against your silhouette.

Look for strategic seaming, paneling and darting that streamlines problem areas. The most flattering jeans use these subtleties to contour and shape your figure rather than overly compress it.

A mid to dark wash minimizes bulges and bumps better than light washes while whiskering and fading can elongate legs. Ornate stitching or embellishments may irritate skin and restrict movement so opt for clean, classic styles.

Nail Inseams & Hem Lengths

The proper inseam and hem length makes all the difference in creating a leg elongating silhouette. Follow the “shoe coverage test” outlined in sizing guides to select the right inseam for each style. Here’s a foolproof formula:

Bootcut & wide legs – Graze the top of the foot to slightly cover heel

Straight leg – Graze the top of the foot/shoe

Skinny – Cropped above ankle bone

Ankle – Cropped above ankle bone

Cropped – Hit just above ankles

Hemming a touch too short cuts your legs off at the fullest part of your calf. A longer hem that bunches around your foot shortens your leg line.

Show off heels and wedges with a cropped skinny jean. Balance out wide legs with a heel or pointed flat. Straight leg jeans look great with flats. Most importantly, move around and sit to ensure your ideal length works for your lifestyle.

Now that you’re armed with expert plus size jean shopping intel, it’s time to put it to use on your hunt for perfect fitting denim. Keep these tips top of mind as you browse styles, fabrics and silhouettes. Finding your dream jeans is a makeover just a few clicks away.

Frequently Asked Questions About Plus Size Jeans

Confused about rise lengths? Unsure which jeans will smooth your tummy? Before heading off on your plus size jean shopping adventure, get answers to the most pressing fit and style questions.

What are the most flattering jeans for plus size body types?

For a universally flattering look, curvy plus size women should seek out mid to high rise jeans hitting near the natural waist. This creates definition and a streamlined shape through the midsection. Styles with tummy control panels, contouring waistbands and dark rinses camouflage any problem areas. Straight leg, bootcut or wide leg openings provide balance to fuller hips and thighs. Stretchy, soft fabrics that retain their shape offer comfort with a molded, lifted fit. The most confidence boosting jeans follow your curves without squeezing them.

Should plus size jeans fit tight or loose?

The best fitting plus size jeans hug your shape without feeling restrictive in any way. Fabrics like jeggings with high spandex content strike the perfect balance between compressing and loose. They glide over your curves to create a contoured, smoothed silhouette. If you have to wiggle and hop to get jeans over your hips, that’s too tight! The ideal pair should use strategic seaming and stretch to discreetly sculpt your silhouette, not squeeze it. Avoid anything too baggy that hides your shape. Your jeans should fit like a flattering second skin.

What are the most comfortable plus size jeans?

For maximum comfort, look for plus size jeans with an elastic waistband and fabrics that offer high stretch. Soft, lightweight denims blended with spandex or Tencel breathable fibers prevent pinching and rubbing while allowing ease of mobility. Jeggings and pull-on styles eliminate discomfort from buttons and zippers digging in. Mid to high rise fits stay put all day without slouching or sliding around your midsection. Look for minimal abrasive stitching or embellishments. Gusseted crotch seams provide flexibility and room to move comfortably. Your dream jeans should feel like sweats without looking like them!

Should I buy plus size jeans with a taller rise?

Absolutely! Higher rise plus size jeans are extremely figure flattering. Styles ranging from 10-14 inches hit at your natural waist, covering and smoothing the midsection. This prevents muffin tops and creates a streamlined shape. For apple body types that carry extra weight in the tummy, a high rise balances proportions. Low rise jeans sit below your curves, requiring constant tugging and adjusting. They also shorten the torso. A high or mid rise offers tummy shaping and lift, for confidence boosting jeans you can’t wait to rock daily.

How can I avoid camel toe in skinny jeans?

Camel toe is never a good look. When shopping for skinny jeans, pay attention to the fabric content. Styles with high spandex or elastane allow stretch that prevents compression and creasing in the front area. Look for jeans with a gusseted crotch seam, allowing more room and flexibility. Sizing up in skinnies gives your thighs and crotch more breathing room. Hemming the inseam even a quarter inch can make a big difference. For smoothing, look for darker washes in thicker, more structured fabrics. Your skinnies should fit like a glove without cutting off your circulation!

What style of jeans is best for hiding a stomach?

The first step to a smoother front is choosing high rise plus size jeans that come up to your belly button or higher. This provides tummy coverage and stabilization all day long without rolling or sliding. Built-in tummy shaping panels and control waists streamline the stomach area. If no panels, wear shapewear underneath. Curvy and skinny fits made with high stretch mold to your midsection without compressing or gapping. Darker washes disguise lumps and bumps. Flowy tops camouflage problem areas. Look for a contoured waistband that lies flat against your curves. The right high rise jeans can make your tummy troubles vanish!

Do short or long jeans look best for plus size figures?

To elongate legs, the most universally flattering jean length hits right above the ankle bone. This shows just a sliver of skin before meeting your shoes. Avoid anything too short that cuts off at the widest part of your calves. Super long jeans that bunch up around your feet shorten the leg line. For curvy figures, a straight leg or bootcut pair best with flats. Heels can pull off a cropped skinny. Measure your ideal inseam from crotch to top of foot based on your favorite shoes. Look for sizing guides with a shoe coverage test. Hemming too short or long distorts proportions so nail that above ankle crop!

Plus size jeans shopping is easy when you know what flatters your shape. Follow this advice to find your dream pair that hugs curves, hides lumps and boosts confidence. Stop settling for jeans that pinch, squeeze and drag. Your comfort and confidence lie in stretchy, dark wash denim waiting to give you an amazing silhouette. Slip into jeans that help you look and feel your absolute best!